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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Serving nuts on the Plane

Sometimes I wonder about going crazy, and sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy already and I just don't know it yet. I mean if I was crazy already, how would I know? Would there be some spark of enlightenment that would come to me as I took a shit in the middle of the street as a truck came rolling up to me. Would something say to me that this might be a good time for further reflection on my actions. Or will I have to wait until I am either medicated or placed somewhere for my own protection. I wonder.

Yesterday, after getting less than 2 hours of sleep the night before, I was trying to get to the airport by train. It would cost about 5 or $8 I can never remember which, but by far it would be cheaper than any other method. Of course the moment I ran up to the platform was the exact time the train was pulling out of the station. I could wait for next train 30 minutes later for a 25 minute ride but the would have left me 15 minutes for check-in and security. Not much wiggle room. So I took a cab to the airport for $30.

I checked in by 9:02am and realized that even though I had gone to the wrong terminal, there would be time for 2 cigarettes before I took the stroll over to the International Terminal A. Why someone scheduled a domestic flight from an international terminal I don't know, but then I don't work there.

By 9:20, I figured it was time to go through security and start my trek for a 9:40 flight. Plenty of time right? So by 9:35 I'm huffing down through a series of moving walk-way things with my bag on my back wondering why it had become so heavy all of a sudden and which vindictive and sadistic bastard had designed Philadelphia International, and was it just so they could see reasonably healthy people keel over from exhaustion or heart failure.

Well there was no one left at the gate as I ran to the plane door and I handed over the boarding pass to a woman standing there. Crossed over a stewardess making herself comfortable on the jump seat already. Slam, the door shuts to the fuselage and it was time to find my seat so the plane could start to taxi. And I'm started to think this was not the first time that this had happened to me. In fact it's not the second or even the fifth time. In fact it happens to me all the time and I started to think that maybe it might be time for self-investigation. I was and am constantly late for everything that is important to me and I didn't think I could keep blaming it on everyone else and not take any responsibility for it myself.

It's like I deliberately find ways to to make things more complicated or difficult for myself just so I can come out and say...well I don't know. That's why today I'm wondering if perhaps I may need some kind of professional help so that I can understand myself and figure out what it is that I seem to be doing. Why do I sabotage myself in the most silliest of ways? Am I crazy?

I would make an appointment for myself with someone, but I think I would probably show up late for that too and I wouldn't want some stranger deciding I was nuts just because I was late.


  1. umm... LOL. I know that feeling all too well (there's still time for a cigarette!).

    So you're that person that I always cuss everytime my plane is late huh.... :)

    - Dusty

  2. ummm Professional Help? I think that was what I needed!

  3. I'm with IFYN - I'd be cussing you out cuz we're waiting on your ass before we can leave - lol. Get that checked out!

  4. I think that it is time for a cigarette break no Black and Mild break being that time is on your side always!

    Seriously man you are normal so no need to seek professional help just yet there will be plenty of time for that later much later.

    Brotha, I know what you mean in reference to being anywhere on time even after you swear you have planned well enough in advance, but still you are never on time, or running damn close.

    Sorry to hear that you spent great amounts of monies for trains, planes and automobiles (taxi). Let me hip you to time management... if the train leaves at 5:15 AM you depart the house shortly after 3:00AM. this allows ample time for making the train, plane and of course time for a Newport.

    Being a former Airline employee I can tell you why the airline used a International Terminal for a domestic flight (Rent vs. Owership) many frugal based carriers lease space when and where they can to lower cost and being that at various airports the International terminals are less busy and used less, so flight 997 is available for boarding at gate 162H.

    People Express was famous for using Int'L teminals, Southwest utilizes every nook and cranny but at least they have the space, so no worries. I was laughing my arse off when I read the part about the Flight Attendant had already taken her seat (jump seat) and was preparing the cabin for cross-check.

  5. Nuts, no. Procrastinator, uh yeah. You are right, you do yourself no favors by being late. In fact it sounds like its starting to cost you money. That ain't good.

    Professional help, maybe. However, simply setting a mental clock in your head thirty minutes faster for all of your scheduled appts you might be able to save yourself a headache and more money. Also, take note, are you late for everything or just those things you find less interesting or important?

  6. Dusty - Yes that's me. But the way I see it, wouldn't you prefer to have me on board and not just my luggage which may have god knows what in it.

    Fuzzy - Don't you believe it. Professional help is just an excuse for some else to put their hand in your pocket again.

    Darius - Et tu Brute

    Chet - Okay, I can see businesses trying to save a buck or 2 here or there, but when it seems that they are making me walk halfway to my destination before I can actually get on board the plane then something is wrong or at least needs looking into.

    Whozhe - I already do the 30 minute thing except I have found a way to whittle it down to 5 minutes by the time of the appointment. To answer your question, I think I am late for things that don't interest me. Flying is one of them, since I hate it and find it really boring and tedious.

  7. Please believe me when I say, You are not nuts just because you are late all the time. You are nuts though...LOL. Seriously, though...I deal with true nuts, and I'm talking about fresh roasted nuts.....

  8. OMO - Like Bartles and Jaymes used to see in the commercial, "Thank you for your support."

    T - I should be up on my Richard Pryor but I never liked comedy albums. One day I shall have to get "This nigger is crazy" or at least see if they will ever have it in the library.


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