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Friday, September 5, 2008

One ring or Two?

Janet Jackson, Justin TimberlakeArguably the most famous pierced titty in America, maybe even the world, belongs to Janet Jackson. I never saw the big reveal when it was first done on whatever Superbowl she chose to do it on, but I did see the still photos of the event and I loved her for hit, looking all ripe and squeezable. She had the guts to tell the world that "this is mine and see how I glorify it." That is until the next day when she started to hem and haw and do a little back step about clothing and malfunctions and things. But I was still thrilled.

I don't know when it first started but I have always been enthralled by nipple piercings. Men or women, either one has turned me on numerous occasions. The right piercing on a nice titty, and I immediately want to see how that feels or tastes. My tongue is yours. I remember I was in Malibu at the SGL July 4th event they have there when I noticed these 2 girls lying on the beach. Now I don't remember if they were both topless, but I noticed the Asian one was and she was lying backwards propped up on both of her elbows and she had both of her nipples on perfect breasts pierced looking all pinky and perky and inviting. I'm sure should would not have appreciated any attraction from a man that day, but during some lonely nights I still think of her to help me along.

Of course having a piercing is not for everyone, this is where you'll read about my bigotry, if you don't have a body that is attractive to me, then no matter what kind of body decoration you do, I wont be attracted. If you are too fat or too skinny or too frail looking, then perhaps a nice dress shirt might better suit you.

I am not saying that I have or even had a perfect body myself, but I used to have both of my nipples pierced. It took me about 2 years of walking up and down outside the piercing store before I finally got the guts to do the procedure. Then I kept getting thicker and thicker rings each year. There seemed to be some sub-conscious effort on my part to relive some cartoon character from Tom of Finland or Belasco. Anyway, finally I either got them too big one year or I just didn't treat them as well as I should have, but one of them got infected so I took them both out about 3 years ago. Plus, they actually made my titties sag when I wasn't excited and I didn't really like that look. But I missed them.

Well this year, last week in fact, a certain Republican was making an announcement on his birthday, I decided to make a statement of my own on mine. I actually wanted to do another tattoo but larger and more extensive than before, but that would have meant looking at or developing designs and consultations and a hell of a lot of miney. Instead I went back to Infinite Body Piercing and had my right nipple re-pierced but with a bar bell this time. Less weight and less fuss. I only hope that by the time I'm 70, my nipple won't hang by my belly button and be another shining example of my folly. Although, I already want something bigger and less safe, less child-like looking. I want something big. Big enough to let people call me Miss Jackson if they're nasty.


  1. 1ssstttt, so I see that you are into pierced nipples....lol

    stay sweet, nice blog & pics ^_^

  2. I've always wanted to have 1 pierced nipple. I don;t know if two would suit me. But I am scared to go get it done! lol Wait, i kinda want two and get a tattoo at the same time! This is exactly why i don't have one! I can't make up my damn mind! lol

    Ummm Nice nipple! :)

  3. well said
    ive been stabbed and cut too many times (8) to want any piercings

  4. kin'shar - Thanks for the compliment. I'm not sure about the sweet part, but I will definitely keep working on the blog to try and make it interesting and better.

    fuzzy - The first time it took me about 2 years to get it done after walking up and down the sidewalk and looking through the store window and that was only because I had someone there for support. Maybe that's all you need. Someone to laugh at you while you go through it and hold your hand at the same time and maybe stop you from going overboard. I promise you though, if you go for it you will never seriously regret it. And even if you do, you can always take out the piercing. The tattoo,... I don't know.

    Torrance - I can see your point. Here's an idea though, how about next time you get stabbed ask them to insert a little surgical steel decoration to mark their handywork. That way you can face death and still have something to show for it other than a scar.

    D - You too much.


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