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Sunday, September 21, 2008

And Now You Know

I am not sure that you can classify me as someone with pent up anger or frustration, but I do know how the protagonist in the following Youtube video feels.

This was something that I found on one of those smutty Yahoo groups. It's kind of funny that they should post something like this, but I suppose the subtle form of racism that a lot of people face daily is around us all the time. So maybe we should expect to see different aspects of racism in all forms of entertainment that we expose ourselves to. Maybe we would not be shocked when we are confronted with it because we learned to recognize it when we see it.

Anyway after going to Youtube website I realized that the people who had produced this video had produced a series of similar videos, and since I believe in equal opportunity...


  1. Torrance - I think it's all in the timing.

  2. Video #1 - So, so funny.

    Video #2 - I didn't get it. It wasn't funny at all!

  3. Although I was able to find some humor in this I was also able to recollect on the racist shit I experience on a daily basis, I have to cross a busy intersection in the morning and very often it is isolated and dark at 6:00AM, remember I take Metro to work and while standing at the corner to cross the street not only do white women pop their car door locks so do the white men, I doubt if I appear to be that menacing in appearance and generally shirt and tie dudes (me) doesn't give that impression that we would car jack or do something foolish, but white folks see nothing more than a Black man standing in the dark at the corner or at a bus stop and they fuckin freak out.

    I recently had a bitch clutch her purse when I passed her in the supermarket, I started to chase that bitch around the store just to spoke her arse. I am certain that I had more in my wallet than she had in that knock off handbag.

  4. runningmom - Let me tell you what I found funny about the 2nd video, which you are right is not as good as the 1st.

    That the white guy was not able to understand the dynamics of being black and his attempts at humor were actually offensive. And that he was so unaware of his offense that he decided to tell a joke that was racially charged. A joke that was so offensive that it had to be cut mid way through a word. It's the kind of stuff that you see on live TV or radio where there is no 7 second delay and something has happened where the producers decide to just cut immediately to commercial before any more damage can occur. And that's what I found funny.

    chet - Your story reminds me of the one in an LA club where a white girl lost her bag and accused the black guy next to her of stealing it. She called for the bouncer but the black turned out to be Eddie Murphy and had just made Beverly Hills Cop. At that point he could probably have afforded to buy her, her familiy and everyone they knew and not even notice spending the money.

    I guess sometimes people are just so unaware of the things that they do or say that it becomes so easy for them to offend others without even a second thought.

  5. I've seen all of these before and yeah, they are funny as hell!

  6. omo - You've seen all these before and yet you didn't share?(shakes head in bewilderment)


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