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Friday, August 29, 2008

A Witness to History

The thing with being at a historical event is that eventually there will come along something bigger, or better or even more influential that will turn what you have witnessed into just an interesting footnote in history. But until that moment happens, I shall always remember this night.

I wasn't able to make this week's event in Denver, but as usual I did the big screen TV thing in Philly at the Independence Mall.

There were hundreds of people waiting, sitting, standing, cheering, trying to avoid the threat of rain in night as Barack Obama was the first African American, the first person of color, the first non-white to accept a presidential nomination from a major American political party.

I was a witness to history.


  1. Did Obama do enough to win? Did his speech convert any of the 20% I have spoke of previously or was he preaching to the choir?

    just asking because thats y asked what happens if obama looses? and questioned the Biden selection

  2. History! I am liking this! The lovely thing about history, is that it is made at every second of the day! We all are witnesses! Its just you have a front row seat! lol

  3. Fuzzy - I don't know about having a front row seat, but I am trying to get the best view that I can.


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