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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Before I returned from Florida, I took this picture of my grandmother the week after Thanksgiving. I guess I wasn’t checking what I was doing since the shot was really over exposed. After using this program or that, I was able to get this with its horrible color and unnatural hues. I’m not sure why I took the picture, since she didn’t want to do it, other than she’s 92 and everyday you hear people younger than her dropping off. Plus 2 or 3 days before, I was watching TV and looked over at her, only to see her spooning out of a Vaseline jar.
“What are you eating?" I asked not really looking for an answer.

“Jean told me to use this,” I think she replied.

I’m not quite sure because all I was doing was looking at the white tasteless gooey stuff stick to her tongue and the edge of her dentures and thinking of how I’d have to find something to scrape that off with and if I should call 911 or poison control.

It’s funny, was this the same woman that I would terrorize each time she came back to my parents home after living with uncle So and So,  and uncle This and That? It wasn’t until I was 17 or 18 that I realized that perhaps those men weren’t uncles of mine since my mother was an only child.

I remembered then that she had been complaining about having dry skin and I decided to wait and see what would happen. 

Nothing really did happen. She had the runs of course a few hours later but by that time my mother was back from wherever she had gone and was able to take care of that. And I was left to think, was this what I have to look forward to if I follow my mother’s gene pool instead of my father’s?


  1. blessings and happy new year. Oh she is so beautiful! If you didn't tell me she was 92 I would not have guessed. You are so blessed, to have her, my grandmother (paternal)the only one I knew died some years ago, I miss her so. Seems she has all her faculties in tact and if that is your legacy hey-that's a good thing, you can do a lot worst.

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your post, made me a little jealous though-of your grandmother I mean.

    Take care....
    Stop by anytime.

    1. Happy New Year to you Rhapsody B. and thanks for the compliments about my grandmother. She's been living with diabetes since for last almost 50 years and ever since she came out of a coma in the early 70's, she's always been careful about what she did or ate so maybe that has something to do with her longevity.

      Oh and you have nothing to be jealous over, you probably still have memories of your paternal grandmother that you can call on, just as I do with mine. Just because their bodies are no longer here, as long as we remember them, their spirits will always be present.

    2. True, though there is something to be said about being able to hold them and cuddle close.

  2. 92 years old, my grandmother would have said that was a blessing. My grandmother passed away at 91 a couple of years ago. She was a sweet old lady. Cherish that woman as long and hard as you can my brother.

    1. I hear you Reggie, but there probably isn't a day that goes by when I'm not frightened that this will be the day that I get the call that says fly now, or it's too late and just be there by Saturday. I sometimes wonder, in a selfish way of course, that if both of my grandmothers had died 30 years would I still feel the sense of dread or impending loss that I feel now. But then again if I follow my father's family side of things, she and my mother will be burying me in a few years and I'll have no more worries.

  3. You and your grandmother are blessed. I thank God for our Grandmothers. They have so much wisdom. They are such gems.

    1. ♫Musique♫ I don't know about the wisdom, never have believed in it. I've always though that if someone was an idiot at 30, they'd have as much chance of still being an idiot at 60. But I do treasure, as I get older, the differences in perspective and experience.


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