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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Killer from Wasilla

I not really boasting, but since the first Reagan term I have called each presidential winner within days of the election without exception, unless you count the "W" term which some people still argue should have gone to Gore. It's not that I follow national or even local politics that closely. I can't name all or even the most important Acts of legislation done by politicians. In fact I don't even know the names of many of the major players or who they influence or who they are influenced by. But I can ususally recognize or at least sense the mood of the country and the direction in which it is going. Sometimes that direction is vastly different from the way that I lean, but there it is. That's life and it's something I don't argue with.

Sometimes it has been really easy to predict like the Bill Clinton against slim chance in Hell Bob Dole election, and sometimes it was difficult and I have had to wait until the final campaign week like the last election with Bush v Kerry. But I have have always predicted correctly. Well there is still plenty of time for sooth sayings, star gazing and predictions, but right now and I don't say this lightly, but things are to continue the way that they are heading I believe that the next President of the United States will be John McCain.

Now there is nothing scientific about my reasoning. If I am challenged, I have nothing to back me up but Senator Obama has been headline news for the past 2 years and I am starting to think that many people have started to think of him as "old news." His views are have been explored and investigated and explained to a certain point. But he has never been as interesting as when he was up against Hillary Clinton in the Primaries. Even though he has picked Joe Biden as a running mate, I'm not sure Joe brings that much sparkle to the ticket and from what I've seen not that much interest form the electorate. His poll numbers haven't really dropped, but they haven't really risen either. There seems to be no fire any more from the Democrats.

As for McCain, he seems to have hijacked the message that was originally purported by Obama, his numbers have increased and in some cases surpassed those of his opponent. He has travelled around the country with Gov. Sarah Palin under his wing bringing the hope of "true change" to a party and government not known for seeking any type of change. He has chosen a running mate who many people can relate to as one of them and who will be able to empathize and perhaps help many with their own struggles. A woman the nation would most be able sit done with at the barbeque pit for a slab of roast moose.

The fact that Governor Palin has all but proven that she knows no more than the ordinary man and has somehow attracted more interest in a campaign that was seen as dead in the water at the beginning of the year only goes to show that the former mayor of Wasilla AK has only added to the McCain presidential run. She has become a giant killer. Of course, as someone told me I could be just blowing it out of my ass.

There is a chance that this all could be just a peak in the numbers for the Republicans and come next week or next month they could be in for a downward slide that will not stop until November. And if it is I will will be the first person to say that was I was wrong and be glad for doing it. But until that time comes I am going to have to look at Sarah Palin in the red corner and introduce her as the the Killer from Wasilla and that's where my money is.


  1. The shit is going to hit the fan! I guess I should go with your lead instead of placing my bets with the bookie in Vegas that McCann is going to win and Palin is his trump

    I do not give politics much thought until it hits close to home, but right now a brotha is shitting bricks because the numbers are to close, way to close.

  2. Chet - Actually, I really think that a McCain Administration would be the worst thing for the country and the world. But I think that even though his numbers are kind of shakey right now, he is playing a game that nobody has done up to now and has everyone else reacting to him. With that kind of continual interest in his campaign come election day, when people walk behind the curtain and vote for razzle, dazzle and fear, don't be surprised when Hail to the Chief becomes McCain's theme song.


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