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Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Black and I'm Proud

I think that the two best movies that Eddie Murphy ever did were Trading Places and 48 Hrs. I remember one of the lines that Murphy said to the Nick Nolte character in 48 Hrs. where he was explaining why he had the need to be with a woman as soon as possible. He said that because he had been so long in prison, his dick got hard whenever a stiff breeze blew by. I never thought it was that funny at the time because I used to get that way all the time and that was without going to prison.

When I was younger my penis would get stiff at any time and for any reason. Like most people, I would look at someone and get aroused even if I wasn't attracted to them. I would also look at the latest Jaguar car and get hard just walking down the street. I even remember going into Bamberger’s in Newark, now it's Macy's, and having to leave the furniture department because I could no longer hide the woody that had become too prominent. It was the early 80's and baggy pants weren't really what men of my age were wearing then.

I would get up each and every morning and I would find myself looking at Little Jimmy looking right back up at me. We would stare at each other, man to man, eye to eye so to speak. It was a glorious sight. It made me feel like a line from a James Brown song, “I’m black and I’m proud.” Some people would ridicule me, but I enjoyed it. It was a sign that we were both alert and that we both knew we were alive.

Then about two years ago, I started to realize that I no longer got excited for no reason at all. The morning ritual had disappeared. In fact, I started having to be mentally aroused in order for me to become physically aroused. That was something new. Spontaneous and automatic hard-ons were now something that I had to work at. True, I no longer was worried about being embarrassed any more by walking around with a boner, but I wasn't sure I liked it.

I know that, or at least I think I am not a real candidate for a batch of Viagra or Cialis but when I do think about it, it becomes worrisome and doesn’t help me enjoy the moment whenever that moment occurs. I bring this up because recently I was asked to go to a gathering by the Philly Jacks. The Philly Jacks is an organization that manages these parties in Center City Philadelphia, where men of a certain sexual persuasion or interest get together on certain days of the week or month and strip naked and masturbate together. They do the kind of thing that boys, when I was 10 or 11, used to do when they found out about the pleasures of ejaculation.

Now I’m not really the sexual prude that I sometimes tend to be. Neither am I as bigoted as will seem to be now, but there is a reason why people are allowed to have their preferences and the idea of attending a gathering like that didn’t really appeal to me. I could see myself being one of two or three black men being surrounded by and being touched by overweight, out of shape older white men trying to get “jiggy” with the nigger in the corner before they returned to their alabaster skinned wives in Northeast Philly.

I know, trust me I know that the whole reason for attending an event run by the Philly Jacks is about getting a cheap, possibly safe but meaningless sexual outlet without getting involved, but would I really want to walk around dodging people, watching myself not being aroused and maybe even shrinking minute by minute for the 10 or $20 fee that they charge? I don’t think so.

Well, let me think about it some more, maybe it's time for a change.


  1. I would guess that that kind of change is still going to leave you limp. Just a guess.

  2. D - I think you are right. It just wouldn't be the kind of stimulus package I'd be looking for.

  3. I didn't know my boyfriend was a nude model! Kidding - Nice Pic tho :)

    Getting old sucks especially when you are quite fond of your freakishly strong sexual urges and suddenly they wane. I have experienced this myself. I used to get wet just thinking about my man durning the day. Now, it takes kisses on my neck to get me there. I want it back!

  4. "The Philly Jacks" that says it all. LOL.

  5. philly jacks, huh? Well if you go - take pics and send them to me - lol.

  6. As much as I enjoy jacking off solo or with a mutual partner i could not see going to circle jerk and find myself surrounded by the not so fit or men that didn't turn me on, or vice versa.

    I still get bone hard at the mere thought of certain things and brothaman likes to be sit free especially when he spots a phat azz or sexy azz legs and feet, yeah I have fetishes.

    Pleased to hear that you are not quite the candidate for Vigra or Cialis, I tried it once with a few friends and my dick was so hard that I fucked the dude my friends had just introduced me to that night at a bar in Milwaukee, he called me daya fter day for a repeat it wasn't suppose to be used as a recerational drug, we just tried it see what would happen.

    Oh yeah I agree with you Edie was his best in Forty Eight Hours and Trading Places.

    Not Bambergers! I used to shop at the one (Downtown) Newark years ago and use my charge card at Macy's when I would get to Manhattan that was years ago the cards were one of the same. What in the world were you in the furniture section for so early in life,was I chasing you . LMAO!

  7. runningmom - Thank you, for a while I thought I was the only one going through this. Funny thing is, for years I always wanted not be controlled by what was happening below the waist, but now that I have it I don't want it.

    whozhe - "The Philly Jacks" may say it all and maybe even a little bit more.

    Torrance - I may be no prude, but I at least hope I got some standards.

    Darius - From what I understand, if you want a visual you could probably visit the local nursing home and probably get the same picture. But if I do go, you'll be number one on the list of emails.

    Chet - Was that you chasing me? maybe that was why I was hard.

  8. I hope my network administrator didn't see any of this on the screen! lol put up a warning next time lol...

    Maybe its a process or life or something! Most men lose their spontaneous erection as they get older! I don't rise to the occasion, on demand, like I used to. It takes 2 commands now! lol

  9. I don't think there is a man in the world who has never had a problem with the automatic dick hardening. LOL

  10. fuzzy - What does your network administrator have against 48 Hrs? And what you say maybe true, but I still miss being embarressed by having a youthful vigor.

    One Man - If I had known what you said was going to be true, I would have put my money into whoever makes them little blue pills years ago. I bet I would have made a fortune.

  11. Hmm I stumble across this page...read a few of the posts...feeling the vibe over here and then BAM!...you drop a pic on me like this?!..lol. Brotha you can't just post pics like that up...some of us are in a drought season over here. LOL I almost lost focus of your entire post in that instant. Who can't appreciate a beautiful specimen like that though right? CTFU!!!!!!

    I'm silly don't mind me just passing through great blog though :)

  12. Miss Mahogany - Thanks for dropping by. It's always good to hear from a fellow connaiseur of the "arts".

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