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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Philly Naked Bike Ride 2012 or Less gas more Ass

In all honesty, this post was going to be some sort of commentary on civility and anonymity on the internet or the lack thereof but I'm still not sure how I'm going to write it. I'm having one of my Hemingway moments where I'd much prefer to drink and distract myself from doing anything really positive.

PNBR 2012 rounding round Rittenhouse Sq.
Too bad I don't really drink, or at least not as much as the rest of the family, I might have something really interesting to say. So fuck it before I really do Hemingway thing, the gunshot barrel to the head and not the talent part, I will go to the old stand-by which I thought I'd never do again and present to you the 4th annual Philly Naked Bike Ride which happened about 2 weeks ago...and yes I chickened out again this year so don't ask.
Having fun at the Philly Naked Bike Ride
One of the spectators strips and seems to want get into the action
Risky Business?
Some preferred an even more traditional mode of transportation


  1. One things for sure, your bare ass on a bicycle seat can't feel too good. I'd be afraid I'd hit a bump and rupture my boys.

    Nah, I think I'll take the zero.

    1. I would agree with you accept that thin material used for underwear and shorts or pants wouldn't really protect you from injury anyway. Plus, and it's been a few years since I've done it, I would always try and stay away from the bumps and holes in road just to avoid the inconvenience.

  2. I encourage writing and drinking--and most definitely at the same time, although don't posting anything until after said writing is reviewed with a sober mind. Often one's true colors come out with the benefit of alcohol, and I think it's a liberal experiment for writers... it just needs to be monitored. And if you're really going to go out like Papa, the King of run-on sentences, you first need to buy a one-way ticket to Ketchum, Idaho, because anything else is just another mundane suicide. I suggest participating in the Philly Naked Bike Ride before you do anything, uh, irrational?

    1. I learned a long time ago that even though I write better after I've had time to disassociate myself from it and have come back to do an edit and maybe a re-edit, I still don't. It seems like too much work. If I had to get drunk to start the whole process then all anyone would get would be some drivel and a few punctuation marks.

      Oh and I really have no problem in getting naked in front of anybody, I just have a fear of having some talentless idiot having a cheap camera and keeping a record of it.

  3. I take my hat off to all those brave & hearty souls who truly get into the spirit of such events. However, I can't even imagine ATTEMPTING to ride a bike azz-out naked. YIKES! I was gonna say he's got bigger gonads than me. But maybe they're not really bigger... just on swole!


    p.s. Nice to see you finally posting again.

    1. I wish I could really capture and relate the feel and atmosphere of the whole thing, or at least the part I get to see. "Brave hearty souls," yes they are but they are also full of so much joy that it makes you want to be part not to shake your tally wacker, although some do, but experience the thrill of being alive.

  4. ♫Musique♫ You should, I think it might be as much fun as running with the bulls in Pamplona but a lot less dangerous. It's definitely something everyone should at least consider putting down on their bucket lists.


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