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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

I don't know why I don't read The New Yorker, I'm sure it must be a wonderful magazine. I remember someone trying to get to read me to read it telling me that anyone who wanted to be anyone would read The New Yorker, but I never really got into it. It's not that I've never tried, but I guess I'm part of that generation that no longer reads for more than 10 minutes unless there is something really exciting going on...so in case you are in my age group, let's get to the point before I lose you too.

I love this cover for the magazine. It's almost as good if not better than the Barack and Michele Obama cover from 4 years back when they showed the fears of people mistaking Mrs. Obama for the myth of Angela Davis, a radicalized black woman. This cover simply and succinctly sums up my entire thoughts of the recent presidential debate between the President and Governor Romney, at least the parts that I saw and not the 40 minutes in the middle where I fell asleep.

From the moment Romney came on stage and congratulated Barack Obama for his wedding anniversary, I thought he looked like he might be a force to be reckoned with. He was vibrant and precise and hit back whenever he thought he was being pushed into a corner, whereas the President seemed tired and reticent and unsure of himself. I kind of got the impression that if Obama could have been anywhere, his choice would not have been there. It was almost as if Romney was speaking to an empty chair.

I bet somewhere in California, there's an old actor/director asking, "Can you hear me now?"


  1. The New Yorker. I subscribe to it. I thought that cover was unnecessary. Kick a guy when he's down? I'm an unapologetic Obama supporter, and I don't understand why the New Yorker did this. We would never, never, never see this done to a Republican candidate by a friendly Republican publication. Why do the Dems do it? I dunno.

  2. Shaw, The New Yorker is in the business of selling magazines and should not support one side or the other. It is a magazine written in the great tradition of writers like Dickins or Twain or the writers of Punch where the mighty are taken down a peg or two when they are exposed for just being human.

    Look the President messed up and instead of treating him like a sacred cow we should all take him to task like The New Yorker did. He's interviewing for the most important job in the world and that's not something anyone should be able to phone in. Someone needs to tell him to take it seriously or walk away because there seem to be more people who are hungrier for the position than he is.

  3. Interesting post Curious.

    I remember reading The New Yorker once or twice. I found it to be somewhat unsatisfying. The articles were tired and I think I ended up reading The Star Ledger instead.

    I don't think that Romney was a force to be reckoned with; so much as Obama left his A game at home. If he'd have tried just a little he might have argued Mittens to a standstill.

    I was really surprised at how weak our president came across.

    1. The Star Ledger used to be a great paper, although I think its heyday was probably a few years before I started reading it and a few years before it became less interested in providing information and more interested in increasing its profit margins.

      As for The New Yorker's cover page, I think it doesn't reflect Romney's greatness but rather Obama's absence. The President's body was there, but nothing else came with it.

  4. Oh it is good to hear you rant. Seriously I thought about you during one of the one hundred and fifty debates we had to endure here recently. I thought you might comment on such an issue. I was bored with the first debate and under no circumstances was I going to sit through two more Presidential debates. I just didn't learn anything from the first one.

    Enough about that: how you doing?

    1. Chet, You sound like a man who had already made his mind up. Good for you. It should be legal in all 50 states to allow early voting at least 30 days in advance so that those people who know who they want won't have to go through all this political torture.

      As for how I'm doing, how are you doing? School can't be that bad that you have to disappear off of the face of the Earth?


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