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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The West-Indian Day Parade 2008

Alright, so it's almost a week after Labor Day and for most people it's history, something to have talked about on Tuseday and almost completely forgotten by Wednesday. I mean do you remember what you did? I do.

I went to New York and took the subway with a whole bunch of people I didn't know to Brooklyn and I went to the West-Indian day Parade and I had a good time.

And I saw the spectacle of the whole thing.

And I ate food so good and meat so finely cooked, that I'm still not sure what it was that I ate, but a week later I know I still want more.

I listened to the music.

And I saw the sights.

I am not sure if she and I were tired for the same reasons, but this woman looked how I felt at the end of a long day.


  1. At the end of the post you should have wrote, "A nice time was had by all."

  2. Chacoyrami - This post did have a familiar ring to it didn't it.

  3. I was there I was there! There were more sights than you caught on camera! My goodness! It was cool, but I don't think I would go next year... There was much extra going on...

  4. Wow....I think that is the most tasteful pride pics I have ever seen. There is normally more nudity in other pictures of other prides I have seen.

  5. Fuzzy - You were there too? We are going to have to stop not meeting like this. Yeah, there was I lot that I didn't capture, but then I'm only one man and not that bold to begin with.

    One Man - Pride? I think pride generally refers to SLG events. This parade was no different from a St.Patrick's Day parade or Puerto Rican Day or even the Columbus Day Parade which I will probably miss. It was a celebration of heritage and not sexuality.

    Nudey pictures might be in my next post. Who knows?

  6. i can smell the food through the pics
    we are some beautiful people

    have a great weekend folk

  7. Yes...really great pictures - really great!

  8. So true so true; you inquired if we remember what we did on Labor Day? Not really with the exception of the fact that I had some paperwork to complete for work and hung out a little bit, but nothing in the name of Laborers.

    West Indian Parade appears to have been most festive, you are oh so cultured and you share that with us, thankz Man.

    Your picture taking skills are good, I love the way you capture the milieu. Thankz for sharing.

  9. Torrance - Can't disagree with you on beautiful people.

    Darius - Thanks

    Chet - Thanks for the compliment, but it took a while to for me to figure out what my stride was so that you wouldn't have to see the other 100 pictures that were duds.


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