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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Want New Stuff

Growing up I always figured that if you had the latest technology, you would always be ahead of the economy. I don't know where that came from, or how that makes any sense, maybe my father, maybe the kids that I went to school with, but that's how I thought.

So I'm not sure how long ago it was that I decided to get a new iPod, but I'm sure that it wasn't that long ago. I got the 16GB version instead of 32GB even though that was the one that I really wanted, but I never really ever had more than 18GB on the old iPod and I didn't want to spend the extra $100 on something that I didn't need. You see I have somewhere around 800 songs on the player and listen to about 10 or 11. The rest of the device's memory is taken up by videos and podcasts. I love podcasts. They can be so interesting and informative. I actually learned how the sub-prime home lending fiasco went south and how it affected the world economy from reports from the BBC and NPR. Also I'm starting to learn to speak Italian now listening to 2 podcasts that I get weekly for free.

It was because I had bought an iPod this year that I didn't I didn't switch to AT&T for cell phone service this year. I had wanted an iPhone and since my contract with Verizon was up this year, it would have been my chance to bail and leave a company that I have no love for. But I thought the purchase of an iPhone would have just invalidated the earlier purchase of the iPod.

Well this week Apple sends me, I'm sure they sent everyone and not just me, an email about the new version of the iPod that you can shake rattle and roll for effect. It has a larger screen and speakers which the earlier versions don't have. And what makes it even worse is that now you can get more for less and I'm pissed. My device is not even a year old and already it's out of date. Old news. Yesterday's technology.

When will I ever learn? I know that I will never be able to stay up on the latest gadgets with the most bells and the loudest whistles, but you know of course that I'm thinking about replacing the iPod. I think there is some sort of psycho name that professionals use for this kind of behavior but since I try not do drugs, legitimate or otherwise, I don't know what else to do.

Maybe with the economy as it is, I should just forget about silly entertainment gadgets and just put as much money as I can into gold, get a rifle and wait for the revolution. I'm sure that by that time, iPods will be the least of my worries.


  1. I say fuck it if you have some extra cash the spend on little gadgets that make you happy do so. We all have our little vices and as long as you budget for yours you should be okay.

  2. 4gotten1 - I want to agree with you, but eventually you just keep chasing something that you can never catch up with, so there will always be that feeling of being deprived. And that's not good.

  3. Hi Curious,

    I just bought the ipod touch (16GB). I love it!

    How do you turn the speaker on? I'm wondering if my Touch has a speaker?

  4. mdc - You are so lucky. Learning that the iPod touch has so much more than you expected and being pleased by it must be such a thrill. I am so attached to mine, it's like we're married. We don't go anywhere unless it's together.

    If you have the older version like I do, there will be no speakers that you can listen to. But if you have the newer version, then I believe the volume button for the speaker is on the left side if the iPod near the top. If that doesn't work then you will have to go to settings page on the iPod and turn it on there.

  5. Curious,

    I'm sitting here trying not to be angry. After reading your reply and doing a little research it appears the idiots at BestBuy sold me a first gen Touch! I just bought it this past Saturday! How could they sell me the old one.

    But...I can't really see any difference in the first and second gen touch except for the speaker, which according to Amazon reviews doesn't really sound that great.

    Do you think I should return it and get a second gen?

  6. mdc - To answer your question, I don't think the speakers will be of any benefit to you unless once in a while you want to share a video or song with someone else without having to have them put your headphones in their ears. Plus the Multi-Touch display, accelerometer, and 3D graphics that the new one has is really good if you are going to play games on it. But if you don't play games then it's just waste of $20 or whatever the price difference is.

    Me personally, I would run to exchange my one if I just bought it but others wouldn't even be bothered by the differences and I would respect that. It all depends on how you want to use yours.

  7. Curious,

    I thought about it and I'm just not happy knowing I purchased the 1st gen. Fortunately I still have the receipt and all of the packaging so I'm going to exchange it for the 2nd gen.

    Thanks for your help!



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