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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pennsylvania or Bust, Maybe

The last words of Bobby Kennedy may not have been, “Now it’s on to Pennsylvania, and let’s win there,” but they seem to be the words of both of the remaining present Democratic Party candidates. Although there are other states like Mississippi and Wyoming that will have their primaries before April, Pennsylvania is the largest state. It has the most pledge delegates and perhaps will decide who will win the Democratic Party nomination. Or will it?

With the race at almost a dead heat, it seems that no matter who wins the upcoming primaries, neither Obama nor Clinton will be able to achieve the number of delegates needed to take them over the top. So then the real competition is going to be the grab for the super-delegates. A position that many people thought the party would not get to.

At the beginning of the primaries, the super-delegates were seen as the old guard. They were looked at as old party stalwarts who would bring the historic roots and past glories of the Democrats to the convention. They were people who would also bring unity to the party and legitimize the party nominee. But not now. Not any more. Now they are seen as the trump cards that each of the candidates needs desperately if they intend to face the Republican nominee in the General Election.

There are 842 super-delegates or approximately one fifth of the party’s total delegate number. They consist of current and former elected office holders and party officials and will be sat automatically at the convention in Denver.

Some super-delegates have already declared who they will support at the convention. Delegates like Reps. Barbara Boxer and John Lewis have already stated that they believe their influence and responsibility is due to the electorate. Therefore they will support whomever their districts have voted for. While others like Kerry, Kennedy and maybe even Rendell will vote for who they believe will be best for the party and ultimately the country.

By the way, speaking of Kennedy, when John-John, his nephew, was missing all those years ago, didn’t Clinton send out half of the Atlantic fleet looking for him? And now he supports Obama? That’s gratitude for you. It just goes to show there is no love lost or won when it comes to politics. That’s why it’s a beautiful thing.

So the big fight will be for the super-delegates, the ones that haven’t declared what side of the spectrum that they will fall. This will be where we will see how each candidate’s political machine will work. There will be the no holds barred Clinton establishment tried and tested one of 16-20 years ago, against the one of a newer generation, of freedom and hope for a better tomorrow belonging to Obama.

So I take back my previous prediction of California being the decision maker for the party. Like every good boxing match in the 9th round, I think we really have no idea how this fight is going to turn out. We shall all have to wait for August and the 12th round for a decision by the judges; judges who will have their own interests to look after as well as the interests of the party and then the electorate.

My, ain’t politics grand?


  1. Nice post. Very nice blog. Very nice.

  2. All I have to say is this election process is making me sad. Never before have I felt that I had so much invested. I am against Hillary, because she has no tact. You know, there was a time when I would have voted for either Hillary or Obama. Just the best person for the job, no matter there sex or color, but Hillary has isolated herself from me. Seriously. If she wins the nomination I would rather not vote or I'll vote for McCain's old age. I would feel the same if Obama was doing what Hilary was doing. Like when they showed the picture that looked like he was refusing to shake her hand, that shit bothered me. I need a canidate with at least a little class. Damn it!

  3. HLCM,

    Thanks for the drive-by, I'm glad you liked what you saw. Feel free to come on back, there'll be a light on in the window for you.
    One Man,

    We are so totally different. I have never felt so exhilarated about any election before as I do now. It's like going to the track. It's like playing craps. It's like heading to Atlantic City. You just don't know what's going to happen and for me that's what makes it exciting.

    I like a good fight and none of that "my honorable friend from" where ever crap where people never say what they really want to say. I like to see people kick each other in the balls and then challenge the other person to do their worst. You often get to see the truth that way. Check out a local town or city hall meeting where there is an issue that some of the public is against. The slurs and the insults fly as people will fight to say what's on their mind. This to me is true democracy and not the pomp and circumstance of posing for the TV and looking good for someone's print column.

    Hillary said at the last debate that no matter what happens "we're going to be alright." I dont know if she was referring to her and her husband, or her and Barack but I think that no matter who wins, Bush will be out and all of us are going to be alright.

    BTW - if you get a chance check out the movie Primary Colors. It's based on the Clinton's first run for the presidency. It has Kathy Bates in it and you can't go wrong with kathy Bates. You'll see that this is the way the Clinton's have always been and probably always will be.

  4. Hey, i just want to hear what dirt she will have to sling next, I wish i was BOs camp manager, i got the ticket and i think i will write about it monday

  5. T,
    What are you trying to say? Hillary "sling some shit" Clinton has some sort of ulterior plan? Say it isn't so.


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