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Monday, March 31, 2008

On the Road Again

I hate Southwest Airlines. This is, I think the third time that I have flown with them. The first time was when I went to Vegas in the mid-nineties and I saw Drew Barrymore on the flight. The second time I went to Tampa for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and the flight was 2 hours late.

Now I am on my way to Tampa again, and again it seems that the flight will be delayed another 2 hours and it’s almost 10pm now. At least that’s what they are saying at this time. Even though Philadelphia is a hub airport, I always seem to have to wait for a flight that has been delayed by leaving from some place else.

I thought I would knock this off while I wait at the airport and vent. One day I will do a DB Copper thing and just get my own jet and jump with a gift bag from the bank into places unknown and into legend. Or maybe I will just take the bus. Heavens!


  1. Please don't take the bus whatever you do!!! Train maybe. I hate southwest too. Don't even like the way that they board people...sigh

  2. I swear, that would not be me! I hate not knowing what is going on. I hate delays! I hate waiting!

  3. D - I don't know why I said I'd take the bus. I hate going from Philly to NY by bus and that's less 1 1/2 hours.
    Fuzzy - Not knowing is what makes it worse than anything. Although I figured out it from watching CNN it was bad weather from the mid-west that held up the planes. But still the airline should have said what was going on. I guess that's what you get when fly cheap bastard airlines.

  4. I agree "Do Not Take the Bus." That would be a trip from Hell!

    I like Southwest Airlines for a couple of reasons: The price fits my budget and very often that is the only airline my company tends to use however; my experiences been good with the exception of changing planes during the route.

    Generally the flight Crew is a lively bunch.

  5. Chet - "Lively bunch," well that's one way of putting it. I would call them a cross section of Moonies trying to push Amway products. Not that the other people are better, but at least there is nothing fake to hide.

    Unfortunately, until that Trump money starts to come in, Southwest and I will be partners for a long time.

  6. lol, I'm sorry you've had unpleasant experiences with southwest. I've never flown with them but I do enjoy the show Airline which features their airline and passengers. I'm actually kind of addicted to it. hey, maybe you were on the show. did you happen to see any cameras when you flew? good luck.

  7. E. - I had forgotten about that show. No I didn't see any cameras. I don't think they would have wanted to see 20 disgruntled, disheveled and sleepy passengers being shuffled from one airplane to another in almost empty airport.

    I didn't say that when the plane finally did arrive at almost midnight, they broke the tow bar as we were being pushed out to the runway and they had to put us on another plane.

    Wait a minute that would have been a perfect show.


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