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Sunday, January 27, 2008

California or Bust

And the results are in. A landslide victory for Obama.

This year I have tried not to support or endorse anybody running for anything, and not just because no one would really care about what I think.

Well actually I did think about Dennis Kucinich, but only because he looked like a mouse caught with his tail in a trap staring up at Tom the cat while he spouted off the craziest things that might work in the European countries and some islands in the Pacific but not here in the good ole US of A, home of democracy, the last fronteirsman and the Chevy Malibu.

Anyway, now that South Carolina has been won by Obama, he is looking over Hillary's shoulder and I'm sure, like many people, he is actually thinking this race can be his.

And it can be, but the Democrats are heading to Super Tuesday in February where I believe New York, Illinois and California, 3 of the largest states will be among others that will have their primary elections that day.

Now Illinois I will give to Obama, but will New York go for Hillary with all the ethnic minorities there. Well maybe since many of then can't vote anyway. Have you been to Brooklyn in the last 20 years? So that leaves California.

My quick prediction, whoever wins California, wins the the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidency.

Yes I know, the medea has said time and time again that for the last 150 years or whatever it is, whoever has won South Carolina has gone on to become president, but how many of them were black I ask? How many of them were female.

No my friend, it's California that's going to answer your questions. It's California or bust.


  1. This race keeps going back and forth, back and forth. It's making me dizzy. I just what a forerunner already, you know? Oh, by the way...I love the disclaimer. I need to do something like that on my own blog.

  2. Well look at it this way. If there obvious front runner from now until the conventions, most people would be turned off by March or April and then no one would even care about voting in November. No, it's like shooting craps. You need a few wins and losses to make it interesting otherwise it's just a silly game.


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