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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sex, Children & Politics

Sex and the politician has always been a big story. The latest being the governor of New York and his 4 or 5 thousand dollar hooker and the earliest, well you would have to go a lot further back than Bubba from Arkansas, JFK and FDR. Even President Mckinley and his out of wedlock child would be too recent to qualify as the earliest political sexual escapades in the US. No, the earliest scandal would have to be dropped at the door steps of the founding of the country by Jefferson and his slave child concubine Sally Hemings. These are the types of legends that people have and will write stories about. They are the type of narratives that film companies will make TV shows and movies to satisfy the public’s need for gossip and tales of shame.

Unfortunately, the scandal that will not be written about or filmed will be the results of the report handed out yesterday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on 838 girls ranging from 14 to 19 years of age on sexually transmitted disease (STD)

As quoted from the BBC News, “The CDC says the study is the first in its kind to examine the prevalence of common sexually transmitted diseases among adolescent girls.

It found that nearly half of the African-American girls surveyed had at least one STD, while the rate was 20% among white and Mexican-American teenagers…

The CDC's Devin Fenton said it was a serious issue because the diseases could lead to infertility and cervical cancer. “ - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7290088.stm

The news article did not mention teenage pregnancies or rise in HIV/Aids in our youth. It did not say how the CDC got its sample or even if the sample was a true reflection of the greater population. But if it is then the question should be, why is prevalence of STDs twice as much in the black group than any other and what needs to be done to shorten the gap?

Are African Americans more promiscuous than others? Are they just not good at choosing a healthy partner or partners to be intimate with? Are black people less likely to care for themselves than whites or any other race?

I think it would be short-sighted to say yes to any of those questions, but I also think it would be almost criminal to say no and let things stay as they are. Young people, especially girls need to be taught that sometimes there are disadvantages to having sex when you are not prepared for it. The pill, or an Intrauterine Device (IUD), or the rhythm method may or may not prevent pregnancies but they definitely won’t prevent viruses from being transmitted from one person to another. Abstinence is fine, but if that were happening we would not be in the position that we are in now.

If young people are not going to be taught at home then someone else must tell them that if they are going to engage in sexual activities, they must protect themselves by using a condom. If they are unable to afford the purchase of a condom, then the schools should be forced to provide them without question or embarrassment to the children if the parents won’t.

There will be an argument that schools are not in the business of promoting sex amongst the students, or the other one is who should pay for it. But the way I see it, we have already proven that children are having sex and the money spent trying to cure them of disease or burying them, will be far more than cost of some rubber.

The true sex scandal is that there are few politicians who have the balls or the tits to stand up and see what is going on and even fewer who are willing to try and protect our young.


  1. Its such an issue that the school doesn't want to be involved in. Rahway Public Schools provides men with condoms and the women with female condoms once a year, like that is enough, but it is a help! It is only in the high schools. The middle schools are kissing and bumpin and grinding in the hallways. God knows what else away from school!

    It is somewhat a liability for the school systems in the event that something would happen!

  2. Fuzzy - Once a year? That's like having a sex life like mine and no one has that. Meanwhile, African American girls have a higher risk for catching all sorts of diseases. Things like that should not be allowed to happen.

  3. There was a recent article here in Dallas on the alarming rate of teenage STDs. The results indeed were disturbing. I posted something recently about only a small percentage of HIV+ blk women contracting the disease from MSM. The statistics then showed that african american females have sex earlier and have more sex partners then any other ethnicty. The issue has to be addressed or we will continue to see a large number of our sistas suffering from STDs and HIV?AIDS.

  4. Whoze - If the stats are correct, then what needs to be done to change them?

    Some folk will say that should be done by the church, home and family. But I would point out, it hasn't worked to far, so lets try the "education system" approach and provide more than just a way to pass tests. Lets teach our children more than the 3 Rs. Lets teach them about life.

    But the curriculem is controlled by school boards and politicians and neither seem to care.

  5. The numbers you quoted are alarming and disturbi8ng. I think we have to be careful of them though. It's difficult to tell what numbers they are talking about since the whole population of girls can't be captured.

    However, I believe that some the grass-root organizations need to be doing something. Like you said the parents aren't doing it. Something else has to happen. The problem is that these kids don't really know what these diseases look like. Seeing is believing.

  6. Yeah D, I don't know if 800 plus girls is a large enough sample to judge the whole country, but then what number did the CDC decide on when it declared there was an Aids epidemic going on? And do we wait to get to that number to help our community, our women, our future?

    And yes you are right, seeing is believing but the last thing any person wants to see is something wrong with their privates. So we should avoid that from happening to our young.

    When I was 11 or maybe 12, I was taught in school about STDs and how to avoid them. I'm not sure I really understood it at the time but it's the 1 class I remember after all these years.

    Kids need to start somewhere.

  7. man, i just trip off of the baltent hypocricy he evinced. But I agree with u one hundred on this

  8. Yeah T, I believe the hypocrisy of someone who was supposed to be the standard bearer of anti-corruption and good government is dis-heartening. But knowing and allowing 1 out 2 African-American girls to be infected by diseases that could be debilitating is worse.

  9. Curious, you are absolutely correct and thank you so much for bringing this subject up, it's about time our young people take heed to the seriousness of STD's and teenage pregancies.

    Politicians! I won't even go there.

    The schools can not be liable or should I say "they will not take the responsiblity of educating and providing the necessary means for our children and young people to live responsible lives. You are right a condom or other protection cost a lot less than a funeral.

    The numbers are rising. I guess it is time for the village to raise the child.

  10. Chet - Sex and powerful men or policians have been with us since the Bible and maybe even before. The real scandal I believe is that we have allowed our young to remain vulnerable to things that can so easily be avoided. Now I'm all for personal responsibility, but sometimes like you say - it takes a village.


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