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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Foot & Mouth Disease

I don’t know where the putting the foot in the mouth phrase came from, but it’s been one of those phrases that I have been aware of for quite some time. I am sure that I heard it being used before, but the first time I remember hearing it being used effectively was the Democratic convention in ’88. God, how the hell old am I?

Governor Ann Richards of Texas was giving the key note address, or the opening speech or some speech and she mentioned George Bush senior who was running for president and that she was the one with the real Texas twang in her voice and not him. She then went on to comment on the Vice-President’s newly found interest in social issues. "Poor George. He can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth," she said with a shrill in her voice that brought the audience to its feet.

I guess she never thought then that George Jr would come by later on take her job for insulting his daddy. I guess she never thought then that politicians would still be putting their feet in the mouths and still keep getting away with it, ala Clinton, McCain, Kilpatrick and countless others.

But politicians are not the only ones who seem to suffer from foot and mouth disease. Like a lot of people, I have been known to say the most inappropriate things at the most inopportune times. Most times it’s because I didn’t think the thing through and there was a lack of judgment on my part. I will often have to take it back and apologize, or rephrase what it was that I should have said. There are other times when I will just take a cavalier attitude, stick my chest out and let the cards fall where they may. Neither position is a comfortable place to be in.

In fact the only time that I like to have a foot in my mouth is when it’s someone else’s. Well actually I haven’t got to that foot fetish stage yet, just toe tickling testicles and nipple squeezing action but who knows what tomorrow brings. I hear music. I’m drifting…

So, in conclusion, for those people for whom which the fate of the nation or state rests on their shoulders; please think about what you are going to say before you open up. My plea is for Hillary, you know you’re my girl, but your black supporters, all 3 of us want you to stop reinventing memories that don’t exist and stop talking about other peoples’ churches. My request is for McCain to get your facts straight and take your medication before you talk us into a 3rd war front in the Middle East. And if I hear one more personal thing coming from Governor Paterson in New York, I swear I’ll… (Open mouth insert foot here.)


  1. I am the 4th African American Supporter of Senator Clinton;
    that Bosnia story was pretty funny and embarrasing. I too remember that Ann Richards speech; that was hilarious.
    Poor Kwame Kilpatrick; those darn corporate blackberry email devices. :) And Senator Obama will be very careful in the future with who he publicizes as his personal friends and mentors.

    Very nice blogsite man.

  2. Son - Thanks for the compliment. It's always good to see that there are fellow travelers out there. Also it's good to see there's someone out there that shares my memories and not false ones like the good senators'.

  3. where has she been hiding is all i want to know, talking about throw back

  4. You know my problem is that I never see my big foot headed for mu mouth and before I know it my toe is cramed down my throat, kinda like Hillary's sniper experience.

  5. T -If you're talking about Richards, I saw her pushing a book or something on C-Span last year and like 6 months later she was dead. Can't hide any better than that.
    Whozhe - As long as I don't see you ducking for cover then I'm not worried. I'll still listen to you.

  6. Funny post. By the way I like the new banner. Is that you swimming? mmmmm

  7. D - No, that's a picture I came across months ago and I couldn't figure out where to use it until now. You wouldn't want to see my sagging ass floating around in a pool anyway. I'm one of those people who look much better fully clothed with everything tucked in, straightened and pulled in just right.

  8. I hadn't thought about Gov Ann Richards in many a moon, and never think back to those days when old man Bush was in the house.

    To all four Black Supporters for Hillary, I have just one thing to say "Think First."

    Macain can't be held accountable unless of course he has had his medication however; right now they are playing with the dosage.

    Hillary can only recall or recollect what she remembers, you know that she has never been the same after she and Chelsa had to duck and dodge the gun fire ten years ago during that trip.

  9. Chet - When I was growing up there used to be a Jewish saying that was going around, "never forget." True I don't think they were referring to George Herbert Walker, but I never forget. To forget any part of my life would be the same as calling it irrelevant and that just aint happening.

    As for supporting Hillary, it would be presumptuous for me to speak for others, but I think a lot of thought has gone into our choice. We fight against the tide not because it's easy but because we believe that position is best. It's just difficult to keep that belief when your candidate actually starts to believe in the Kool-Aid that she's drinking.

    As for the others, well they're grown folk. All I'm saying is think before you speak.

  10. @
    "But politicians are not the only ones who seem to suffer from foot and mouth disease. Like a lot of people, I have been known to say the most inappropriate things at the most inopportune times. Most times it’s because I didn’t think the thing through and there was a lack of judgment on my part."

    -It seems that most politicians suffer from this disease. I think that the level of time spent researching what they say is minimal and the amount of time they've actually experienced what they actually advocate for is slim to none!

  11. BAP - I guess it just proves that politicians are just human after all. But I think that they still need to be kept at a higher standard if they are going to have so much power or influence over the general population.

  12. Just an observation on my part, but politicians are being caught putting more than "their" fot in their mouths these days...if you get my drift.

    How old are you? How old am I?

  13. True about politicians.

    "How old am I?" Old enough to know better but not old enough to sign up for that shit that the AARP keeps mailing me. There's life in the old dog yet.


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