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Monday, August 18, 2008

Fire Island Blackout 2008

I went to the Fire Island Blackout last week. It was the second time that I have been there and I'm thinking maybe the last, I'm not sure yet. Everyone seemed to having a good time there but it seemed to be a place for the kids. Anyone over the 35 age group was definitely in the older side of things and in the minority.

Funny that, I seem to find myself uncomfortable with people much younger than me as well as those who are older. I shall have to explore that later on I guess.

The beach was so crowded and full of people playing playing, I sort of got bored there so I didn't take many pictures, but here are some of the ones that I did take.


  1. yep such exploration is necessary so may as well start now youngin-lol

  2. I was sooooo not expecting that girl to be topless. LOL.

  3. T - I think I have to let it ferment a little before exploration.

    Mr Jones - That's what Fire Island is about.

  4. Was them real titties?

    Oh Lawd, not sure I can take that - lol.

  5. Darius - Lawd I hope those are real titties. I would hate to think she paid for them and that's how they turned out.

  6. And you managed to get absolutely no pictures of me out there! Shame on you Curious!! LoL. If you think Fire Island is a mess, you must not have been to Riis Beach before. Once you venture to Riis, trust you'll appreciate FIBO that much more.


  7. Damnit - You must have been hiding when I was out there. And yes, even though I have been to Riis Beach, it hasn't been at pride. I've heard too many stories about the atmosphere there to challenge you on that


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