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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing or Bust

It looks like I didn't make it to the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics this year. Poor planning? No not really, no funds. And even though George took his father George to China and I would suppose everyone else in the family, me and him aren't that close. So I had to make do with celebrating it Philly style in Chinatown.

Oh, I guess I have to say that even though it was my camera, all of these pictures except for maybe one or two were done by Curtis. Having said that, I'm starting to wonder why I was in none of the ones taken by him. Also, why didn't I show up earlier for the free food, dragon and fire crackers?


  1. Wow, a Olympics opening watching street party. Who would have thunk it.

  2. EVERYONE seems to be so Hella XCITED about the 2008 Summer Games. Ive covered one Scandal, already, on My Blog, in reference to it. HOWEVER, I have NOT become as Enthusiastic, as of yet. Maybe the Bug will HIT ME If I Catch a Few Competitions this weekend.

  3. there is nothing wrong with improvising! lol

  4. Whozhe - That's what the City of Brotherly Love is all about, people getting together and sharing.

    Prince - If the mens swimming 4x100m relay didn't get your excited, I don't know what will. I don't even like swimming and I lost a few nails watching it.

    Fuzzy - Improvising? Maybe. I kind of think of it as the cheap mans version of going overseas, without going overseas.


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