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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Philly's Caribbean Fest 2008

When started this blog I never meant for it to be about my own personal escapades. I didn't want to do a diary or daily journal of my life, it would be too humdrum for even me to read. Neither was the blog to be a personal photo essay journal with pictures trying to make me look like I was trying to resurrect Life magazine. Does anyone remember Life magazine? But somehow I seem to be getting that feel.

Well anyway, I went to the Caribbean Fest last weekend at Penns Landing. It was the first time that I had ever done that. I had always missed it or even avoided it because it had no interests for me. But last weekend I had nothing to do and I found I found no reason to stay at home and do nothing there like I usually do in that situation.

I didn't stay for the whole event, and I'm not sure that I even enjoyed myself as much as I hoped I would, but my friend Curtis had said that the whole thing wouldn't be to bad so I took some pictures of the day.

I think that I might have been disappointed because of the heavily Jamaican theme going on and the lack of representation from many of the other Caribbean nations that would have made it more multi-cultural in nature. Plus there seemed to be a lack of cohesion with the stage acts and the other things that were being sold or were being given away around it. It kind of made me feel disjointed and disorganized.

All that being said, here is what I saw.


  1. Wow...some really good pictures. Looks like if nothing else there was tons of eye candy - lol.

  2. So its events like that I need to know about as I consider a trip to your fair city. Anything special happening in October?

  3. Darius - Oh yeah, there were some attractions, but on the whole it was really a family oriented event with I thought a good mix of people. Everyone was there except for the Chinese, which is strange since as everyone knows the chinese are everywhere.

    Whozhe - October huh? I can only think of one thing right now and that would be the Outfest done in the gayborhood (neighborhood). That's always fun with young and older people, black and white and everyone else. There maybe other things but I can't think of anything else right now.

  4. lol @ lack of chinese. Ummm.... yeah. If I were there I would be your token asian guy. lol. Wow you go to more events in Philly than I do... and I live here. roflol.

  5. all i can say is we are some festive folks and next time more pics of food lol

  6. Xem - Thanks for the compliment. Like I said they were only images of what I saw.

    If Only You Knew - I wasn't really looking for tokens. I know for a fact there is an important and significant Chinese presence in the West Indies, and that was missing from the event. In fact my own great-gradfather was Chinese and he was from Trinidad.

    T - Next time I will keep that in mind.

  7. You did the right thing by attending the fest and it appears that for no more than just people watching you enjoyed yourself, I feel you when it comes to being just a tad bit uneasy in that type crowd the feelings very little representation from other Islanders or cultures, to heavy on Jamaican would certainly produce the lack of cohesion.

    The pictures are very nice and it displays people having a good time in the summertime, visiting far away places right in their own backyards.

  8. Chet - That's exactly part of the feeling I got from watching some of the young white families that were there. People who were able to get away from the usual Philly fare and enjoy themselves or discover new and or other cultures without having to go overseas.


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