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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Death Throes of a Dynasty?

Most of the results are in from Super Tuesday and the winner is, well anyone you want depending on how you look at things or who is doing the counting for you. Obama seems to have won most of the states that were being contested, but Hillary has won enough delegates from the big states to continue her spread against him. McCain has finally noticeably pulled out ahead of Romney and Huckabee with such a lead that the only way he could lose his party’s nomination would be for someone to pull a swift boat action on him. And we all know the Republicans know how to do that.

With Massachusetts, California and New York going to Clinton, perhaps the only loser in Tuesday’s big event is perhaps Uncle Ted and family. It seems that in what ever state that the senator or any other member of the Kennedy family came out and endorsed Obama, that state went to Clinton.

Is Camelot finally beginning to fade into the pages of a bygone era? Are we starting to lose the mystique and reverence that was once held for the Kennedys? Has the relevance of a family that was synonymous with the Democratic Party started to dissipate as we have moved further into the new century? Perhaps.

What I do know is, Barak didn’t seem to gain anything by cuddling up to the old political warhorse, old Joe’s only surviving son; and come next senate elections in Massachusetts, Teddy might think about “change” again for himself and just retire.

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