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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special Ed

As mayor, Ed Rendell would be seen in all neighborhoods of the city of Philadelphia talking with people, joking, discussing issues and maybe even listening. Sure, he had the touch of the imperialist about him, maybe that was because he’s from New York or just the many years of being District Attorney, but that never got in the way of him being friendly. You could always talk to Rendell. In fact, if you threw hot dog in his face or a bowl chop suey, you had his attention. You see, Ed Rendell loves to eat.

No matter what the function was that Ed was attending or the reason for him being there, Ed would stuff his face with food and tell everyone that he had heard it was good for his diet. The former mayor loved food and he loves anyone who can make good food, or at least different food, or maybe even junk food. It’s weird reasoning but bear with me, by extrapolation then, Ed Rendell loves people, black, white, Asian, anyone who can cook.

So when Rendell would take Bill Clinton when he was president up to South 52nd St in West Philly, a predominantly black and run down area for some ribs and a Diet Coke, a place I wouldn’t even go to with or without secret service, I’m sure he must have bonded with the man and possibly by default, with the Mrs. to.

Now there is some talk of Governor Rendell perhaps helping the Clinton campaign of being divisive by bringing up the race issue and stating that many whites would not vote for Obama in Pennsylvania merely because he is black.

I have seen Rendell only a couple of times since he became governor. I would see him often when he was mayor and attended my gym. We would do the politician to electorate speak, “hey, how you doing?” and “let me move this out your way.” He probably didn’t know I lived in New Jersey and couldn’t vote for him anyway, but I would bet the whole $8.60 left in my pocket that he does not have a racist bone in his body.

When Ed Rendell says that, "you've got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate," I’m sure he didn’t say it lightly. Much of the state, west of Philadelphia except perhaps for Pittsburg is very conservative, and has been known to be of interest to several hate groups. The governor knows this, his state and of what he speaks. He is just being realistic and truthful, a trait I wish most politicians would have.

So before anyone in the media starts to tag Rendell as a reincarnation of David Duke or some other clown, I would just like to say chill out, have a bowl of soup with someone and you’ll be able to understand Ed really well before you are done.


  1. Now a pic of secial ed would have been tight, but I am afraid he may be right, hat is what my post 2morrow wil be about, well to a certain extent....great post

  2. All-mi-t,

    Covert Racism, or political patronage denied to certain groups by the establishment, or somethinhg else equally reprehensible? I can't wait. I'm all anxious.

  3. I bet you are anxious and you are not the only one, certainly hope that with all that ha stranspired and things to come will prove to be for the betterment of all people.


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