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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Super Tuesday

I guess much of North Jersey is in New York celebrating the victory by the Giants. It's cloudy as I look out the window towards South Jersey. It's February 5th and as usual most of that part of the state has been passed over and looked at as inconsequential by most of the presidential candidates. It's Super Tuesday. Much of the country must be heading for the polling boothes in order to pick the next President.

But do you know where I'd rather be?

Rio Baby!!!!

It's Carnival.


  1. This is a festive time of year here and in other countries... Fat Tuesday (New Orleans) Carnival (Rio) and not to mention today is Super Tuesday in many States which will probably be as festive and colorful as Carnival or Mardi Garis.

  2. Chet,

    Don't forget carnival on the island of Trinidad.

    Now I wonder how or in which direction they are going to celebrate in California.


    You are a man of my own heart.


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