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Monday, January 4, 2010

An Inexpensive Form of Airport Security

Alright people, nothing going on here. Move along please, move along.


  1. LOL Yup XRAY glasses are about the only thing that will work. too bad it ain't real

  2. cool idea-just don't tell anyone lol

  3. This may have been a novelty some years ago, but soon TAS will be able to see what we working with although; there will be some restrictions... yeah right!

  4. I think that was suppose to be TSA, do excuse my error.

  5. And another thing: although I love to "go commando" and tell everyone who will listen, security is not someone I want to know that, especially with those "strip searches".

    Can they tell that from those machines?

  6. Oday - Hilarious? Maybe until someone works out a way to develop these things and sell them to the government for millions of dollars even if they don't work well. And another thing, unless you are wearing lead lined draws, they are going to see everything that your daddy left you with anyway whether you go commando or not. Just make sure it hangs to right side and not the left so you don't give them another excuse to do something.

    ♫Hershey's Kiss♫ - Give it a few years and months and someone will state that they've found out hot to make them.

    corvedacosta - If someone has found a way to make money from it, then they already know.

    Chet - I have a copy of Eve's sex tape and I bet she thought that was secure. What chance would the rest of us have from having our goodies being shown among their buddies or on the net.

  7. Soon airport security will be a good joy for those who are in to voyeurism.

  8. I'm sure they see all kinda good things, lol. Didn't occur to me till just now that someone could see a certain piece of jewelry not typically visible under normal circumstances! I might be a little slow... lol.

  9. Whozhe - And yet with all of this and possibly more going on, I still don't think that we will be any safer.

    RunningMom - If I can remember correctly, you maybe a little embarrassed. Good thing you've gone through the Netherlands already.


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