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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Death & Destruction

The Presidential Palace

So I went to the barbershop today and you know what one of the topic of conversations was, Haiti.

There was a young man with an accent there who they called Doc. He told someone who was getting his hair cut that he had gone to medical school in New York, so I wasn't sure if was a doctor or intern or still a student. But he said that he had heard from people that Haiti was over populated and that even though the earthquake is a tragedy, the recent events is perhaps a blessing in disguise. I was in West Philly watching a Pat Robertson moment, follow the link if you don't know who is; but I didn't say anything there, and I won't say anything here. It's not the time for preaching my pseudo liberal arguments and fighting without any real information. I can do that later.

In the meanwhile I will let others do the talking for me with some video.


  1. I simply can't understand why people can see such a tragedy as a blessing, it's not about being liberal or not, it's about being humane.

  2. Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

  3. Sometimes the first thing that comes to mind isn't the wisest thing to say

  4. I was in the barbershop on Friday and they were discussing the same thing. The CNN coverage was on at the same time.

    My barber said it best - we have to thank God for life.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how people tend to try and justify their ignorance, over populated or not, what transpired in Haiti was a castrophe, the Bible speaks of the destruction in the last days, not that these are the last days, but it does make one think.

    We must cast our personal views aside and find ways to help and understand that disaster happens and not to any one group of people.

    Pat Robertson or whatever his name is made some stupid remarks and to think he's considered clergy of some sort.

  6. Idk, I don't think you need amazing debate skills to argue that God wouldn't kill a bunch of people over something from 200 years ago (see Pat's statement if you don't know what I mean); my Republican friends (read: friend) don't approve of that statement either.

    The really sad thing about that whole mentality is that a lot of people take Pat's words as the word of God. And of course, the whole Haiti situation is sad :(

  7. Eduardo - History has proven that when it comes to being humane, some people are only interested when it applies to themselves or their loved ones.

    ♫Hershey's Kiss♫ - That's exactly why I will sometimes keep quiet and walk away until I have thought about something again and again. And then there are times when I will put my foot my mouth and then try to figure out how to put the other one in there too.

    corvedacosta - In other words, "There but for the grace of God go I." I guess because I'm agnostic in my beliefs, that's not quite good enough for me.

    Chet - Actually, I understand where Brother Pat is coming from, it's the type of Christianity that exists and started turning me away from organized religion years ago.

    Oday - I think Mr. Robertson would refer you to Noah's Great Flood, the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah and Moses and Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years to prove that the Christian Go is a vengeful god and that 200 years to wait for vengeance would be just the blink of an eye to him. I understand him, I just don't agree with him or anyone else who would want to justify such a loss of life.

  8. You were right for not saying anything. It's not the time. I actually had a statement said like that around me recently....SMH

  9. Toy Couture - It's always surprising how some people can divorce themselves from things that don't directly affect them and say and do the most stupidest things. And it's even more surprising when these people turn out to be the ones who are supposed to lead and protect us.


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