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Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Verse One Chorus

Oh my God, get the room ready at the Home because I think I’m ready for it. Why? Because I think I am getting too old and I’m doing things that I used to laugh at when other people did it.

It was Saturday night, which meant that it was fun times at my house if you are into being alone staring at the TV and wondering why is life passing you by, when between channels I noticed Tony Orlando from Tony Orlando and Dawn pitching 70’s songs for Time-Life. Now I’m not going to say I hadn’t seen these types of paid 30 minute commercials before, but I had never been able to relate to most 60’s songs let alone early rock and roll and or Glen Miller. Did they ever find him? But 10 minutes into this Romancing the 70’s, the remote must have gotten stuck, I started to notice that not only did I recognize most of the songs but I had started to sing along with them.

You know I was one of those people who said that Rap would never last, but 30 years ago if you had told me I would have been singing “You Needed Me” with Anne Murray at 12 midnight I would have said that you and whoever brought you into the world were crazy. But there I was belting out tunes at the top of my voice searching for the right note to go with the Captain and Tennille and Melissa Manchester and people and groups whose names I had forgotten so long ago.

Speaking of forgetting, I had forgotten how bald Elton John was before he got his knighthood and how close he was to getting totally blind every other week according to the magazines. However Tony and crew didn’t show Sir Elton doing b’b’b’ ”Benny and the Jets”, which would have sent me screaming off the wall and dialing that toll free number. I would have been so loud they would have called the cops on me. They do that in this neighborhood you know. I know because I’ve done it at least twice myself.

So there I was last night being nostalgic and remembering how I used to sing some of these songs on my bike at the crack of dawn delivering newspapers when I realized that I could write something and relate it to this old video I found. Well I didn’t really find it and it’s not that old since it was finished today, but I was feeling almost sorry for myself this week and this was one of the ”woe is me” songs that I sometimes cling to.

So here is one verse and one chorus of it.


  1. Whatever were you doing up so late? I know you couldn't sleep... right! I have caught those commericals more than once myself, and I haven't seen one that I didn't sing along too, hell I am amazed that I even remember the lyris and what was happening in my life when those particular songs were popular or chart toppers., damn I was a sad arse teenager.
    I listened to Elton, Queen, Glem Campbell, Helen Reedy, Tony Orlando & Dawn ( Thelma from the group is on Half & Half and she looks great). I could go on, but I must play your video one more time, I just love the sounds Ree Ree (Aretha) makes, the clip is very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. RunningMom - Although some people would think differently, thank you.

    Chacoyrami - Hmmm.

    Chet - I think Thelma was the only to make a showbiz career outside of being part of the group. It still amazes me how so many people in the US tie yellow ribbons and don't realize that it was because of her and her co-horts that they do it. In fact, I guess any tied ribbon period representing loss is because of Tony Orlando & Dawn.

  3. I don't know why the video wouldn't play for me..but I probably would have gotten depressed anyway...cuz I'm sure I could sing along with the song too. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. I stood in the middle of Target singing along with Carole King...

    ...doesn't anyone stay in one place anymore... So Far Away

    All nostalgic and shit.

    BTW- theme music is...
    Sweet Sticky Thing
    It used to be a perfect description of Bloopty.

  5. Your videos are better than mine :(

    Great choice of music, though!

  6. D - I'm not sure why that is happening for you. I would put it on YouTube but they would mute the music and that would defeat the whole purpose. All I can say is try again if you're interested.

    BBB - I had to google Sweet Sticky Thing because I couldn't remember it, and now that I've read the lyrics, well it's not about judgements here but there is an awful amount of unhappiness there despite the popcorn like funk music.

    As for Carole King and Target, that's like me and James Taylor in Pathmark and "You've Got a Friend".

    Sanya - Thanks...I think.

  7. Curious, that has happened to me too. I am seriously beggining to question what age a person really becomes old.

    *SIGH* I have already figured out I have one step in the Home.

  8. Ingrid - I think the point where you become really old is when you start to say, "I remember when..." and other people say, "Huh?"

  9. Haha - No "I think" about it. Wait 'til you see my first full video blog entry...


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