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Saturday, June 6, 2009

I have a Question

I have no family members living in Brazil or France that I’m aware of, although with the number of uncles and aunts and cousins that I have it may be possible. I also have really have no vested interest in the recent Air France tragedy but since the plane was an Airbus, the plane I seem to use more and more when I travel, I do seem to have slight curiosity as to what happened since, I’ll admit, I have a fear of flying.

As most people will know already flight AF447, an Airbus A330 took off from Brazil last Sunday with 216 passengers and 12 crew members and disappeared off of the radar as it hit a large storm in the southern area of the Atlantic Ocean. Experts from both sides of the Atlantic as well as government men have been speculating about the causes were for the disappearance. While terrorism has not been ruled out, most people have talked about the catastrophic failure of the plane’s onboard computers, including the autopilot, all of which shut down within a 4 minute time span and are guessing that the disappearance was due to frozen wind speed sensors or a broken rudder.

I say guessing because the “black box” has yet to be located as well as any other part of the plane which can be identified as belonging to the A330. The French have said that the debris that has been found in the ocean doesn’t belong to the missing plane and that they are not even sure that plane fell in the same area. That is why I haven’t used the word crash yet, but before I start to go into my Bermuda Triangle theory and I’m carted off somewhere in a jacket with straps in the back for my own safety, I have just one question. If the debris that has been found floating on the water doesn’t belong to flight 447, then who does it belong to and why does it seem to be Airbus planes that seem to do all the crashes these days?

Alright so that's 2 questions, but still who and why?


  1. Good questions. Don't be afraid of flying. If it's your time to go it's your time to go whether it happens on a plane or you just simply plugging in an electonic device.

  2. Bermuda triangle! I haven't heard anything about that in forever. I guess that's kind of what "Lost" was based on.

    I was thinking the same thing when I heard that the debris wasn't from that flight - What flight was it from then? With all the radar, all the technology, why can they not figure out where that plane is?

    I'm nervous about flying too... I have to take my first over the ocean flight in a few weeks. I'm a little anxious!

  3. Don't fear flying. It's still one of the safest mode of transportation... :) Besides, if you fly First, then it's all good baby. You'll die pampered in a cushy leather chair.

    And it's the aliens. The aliens took them people, and then crashed the airplane to make it look like a good, solid accident, complete with electronics malfunction. Those people are still alive, in another galaxy or something.

  4. D - I'm not really afraid of dying since I don't think I know anyone who isn't going to die as well. In fact if a plane with me in it were to blow up I'd say it was a good death, but the idea of hurtling towards the earth from 35,000 ft or more and taking the 5 or 10 minutes to scream God or mommy, shitting myself and thinking about hitting the fat bastard next to me for taking up too much space in my last hour always makes me anxious when I think about it.

    RunningMom - That's what I'm here for, to remind you of the spritual and super-natural.

    But yeah, these people are talking like floating plane debris is an every day normal and natural occurance, nothing to be worried about. "Excuse me?"

    BTW, don't worry about the flight, you have more of a chance of being hit on the highway and dying than you have of being involved in a plane crash. I know that doesn't that make feel warm and fuzzy all over but those are the facts.

    Dusty Boot - I've seen that movie, Paradox or Paralax or Something. Cheryl Ladd and Kris Kristofferson were in it. You laugh now but there are things out there that we still can't explain, or at least not to the public at large.

  5. I wasn't laughing, I was serious about my aliens theory. That was the first thing that popped in my mind when they said "plane disappeared".

  6. Hey - so I just rotf and lmao at the description of your imagined final moments on a plane. I'm really going to need for you to make a movie. Such a visual guy... ; ) Now to your questions...

    I had NOT heard the debris was not from flight 447. Where the hell have I been? I'm going to be all over this today. Conspiracy theories are probably all over the net! Who does this debris belong to?

    I didn't really answer any questions did I? Sorry. I'm working on it...

  7. KST - Now that they have picked up a few of the bodies, I think that they have accepted that the wreckage must have belonged to missing plane. I mean unless they are few other missing aircraft that no is aware of, who else would it have belonged to.

  8. It places fear in my heart each time something of this mulitude happens, but I will continue to fly in fact I feel safer 35,000 feet in the air than I do on the highway, hell what are the odds of being hit by a drunk pilot? In the past week here in Madison there have been several auto related accidents/deaths so my fear of driving is greater than that of flying.

    I haven't had the opportunity to fly the Airbus, but future plans call for it, and as far as terrorism is concerned the odds are slim.

    I agree it is the strangest thing that the debris and other items may or maynot belong to the plane, but since then they have found several bodies, now if those bodies are not associated with that flight then Houston we really have a problem.

    It is so sad, so tragic and hopefully the families and public will be given information as to why this flight went down.

  9. saddest part is that I work for an airline...... this is really really sad.

  10. gayte-keeper - This is tragic, but then so are most deaths.

    Chet - I guess because of the way I grew up terrorism has never been that big an issue for me. I'm just not sure that I like the idea of sitting down helpless waiting to die from causes I have no control over and at least with a car crash I might have a chance to walk away from it. Unless of course I am paralysed then the plane crash might look like a good thing. And I'm not saying paralysed people would prefer death, I'm just saying I'm not cut out for it.

    Oyin - Yes it is sad.

  11. Thanks for the update. For a minute I was starting to go all X-Files on this.

  12. I really can't answer these question since I have no flight experience nor any knowledge of airplanes and aviation.

    I wonder the same thing! I mean a plane just doesn't fall outta the sky and disappear. I wanna know where it LANDED and why!

  13. KST - If only I had the ability to play the X-Files theme music each time someone read this post.

    fuzzy - Quite right. If the police can tell where you are within 10ft each time you pick up a cell phone, then why can't FAA or whoever does French flights or international flights do that for wide bodied aircraft.


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