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Friday, May 15, 2009

Roman Holiday

I promise that I will do just one more post on Rome before I completly lose all readership through boredom after this one. But I saw Roman Holiday sometime before I was 10 and there has always been one scene that I remember about it and I thought wouldn't it be fun to re-live it.

So I'm walking around for for what seemed like half a day looking for this thing, well really maybe an hour and I realized that I had been circling it a couple times because...

La Bocca della Verità
the Mouth of Truth
...isn't life a bitch?


  1. But we like your pictures of Rome (well, at least *I* do)....

  2. Me too, me too - We're experiencing Rome through you, post away!

  3. I'm not bored by your posts! They're fascinating! I might go on an Italian tour, next year (before the US, that is...)

    I LOVE Gregory Peck - such a great actor (and kind of hot, too, in a way: or is that just me?). Audrey wasn't too bad, either.

  4. YOU'VE BEEN SPLASHED! http://sanyainspain.blogspot.com/2009/05/splash.html

  5. Dusty Boot - Well in small part I get my inspiration for taking pictures from you and your banner. It is you and others like you that help me to remeber that it's not just a question of pointing and shooting, but trying to figure out how to tell my story.

    RunningMom - I used to have a friend that would strike a pose and say,"look at me and live," and I would think that he was funny. It wasn't until later on that I realized that he was also being conceited and selfish. I don't want to become that, at least no more than what I am now. I need to know when to sit down now and again.

    Sanya - Gregory Peck was always a hansome man and damned sexy in his youth. Watch Duel in the Sun and tell me you wouldn't let him get a taste. As for Audrey, she was always intersting but I never got her looks.

    fuzzy - Thanks, but just one more post and I shoot my load and I'm done.

    Sanya - Oh joy!

  6. How dare you even entertain the thought that "we were bored with any of the entries associated with Rome?"

    We are all experiencing Rome with you,the photos and the data allows us to better understand The Roman Empire. Seriously the entries are very interesting and entertaining, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Did you stick your hand in the mouth piece? Did you try to trick your travel champanion with the same move Gregory Peck (Joe Bradley) pulled on: Audrey Hepburn?

  7. Chet - Travel companion? This deal was strictly solo after my little revelation in December that I had to live my life and not let somebody else do it for me. And no I was unable to get into the bulding that had the Mouth of Truth, it was closed for renovations.


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