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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Body

Why is it that the more I see of Jesse "The Body" Ventura my respect for him increases geometrically? Ever since I saw that Ventura wasn't just a dumb wrestler clowning around in the squared circle on TV, but was someone who could not only read, but emote and act as he did in Predator, I thought this man may have a brain. He was also someone who could state his beliefs and take it to the people and have them support him as he took the governor's office in Minnesota. Not a small accomplishment. And now he went up against the Aryan chick in The View and beat her down as well "The Darkside" Cheney and all those people who seem to have forgotten about the trials at Nuremburg after the Big One, all in the same two minutes.

I shall never look down on a wrestler again.

BTW, if the war in Iraq continues any longer, can we still call World War II the Big One?


  1. Dont like to talk on Politics...

    hey hun

  2. Oyin - Politics is the life blood of the world. It determines how you live and sometimes where you live. Go to any barbar shop in the hood and you'll see what I mean.

  3. Politics is vitally important to all of us. If you don't like how something - anything - is being done, around you, you enter into politics. Simple as that.

    Now, on to the blog post: WOW! THis guy is brilliant! An ex-wrestler-turned-politician who speaks from the heart about what is right and wrong. He gets my instant respect.

  4. Sanya - Sing it Sanya. There are just too many politicians who are looking to say whatever they think the public wants to hear and not what the public should hear.

    RunningMom - Yep. I intend to have that top video up there for about a week and then change it. That's the space for a sort of a featured guest video of the week so that I can keep the page active in at least one sense.

  5. YES!!!!!! You are so right. I never knew he was that intelligent and I agree with his position.

    America has a lot of atoning to do for our treatment of those prisoners in Guantamo and the Middle eastern region in general.

    Praise the lord. Who thought there was really a politician with a conscious.

  6. Ingrid - Actually there are a lot of politicians with concious' they just never really get anywhere so no one ever hears of them.


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