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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This picture would be funny if you knew the movie this referenced, trust me on that. If you want you can click on it and I'll show you what I mean.

V for vendetta at G20 protestsI was going to write about something personal today, but I haven't figured out how to put it down. Instead I think I could do some gossip about Operah's girl school or Madonna's attempt to adopt another African child, but I don't really care about either. So if you don't mind, here are just a few pictures that I've stolen from the news organizations and few thoughts behind them.

Hillary ClintonYou know if there is one thing that I can say about Hillary Clinton it's that she seems to be having the time of her life knowing that no matter what happens, few people are going to blame her if it all goes terribly wrong.

British Foriegn Secretary David Miliband, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British PM Gordon Brown, US President Barack Obama, US Treasury Secretary Tomothy Geithner, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair DarlingCould this really be the face or faces of our salvation that will lead us from our economic doom or will they guide us to it?

Barack & Michelle ObamaAnd when exactly did the Obamas think that they would go from the picture above to the picture below?

The Queen & the Obamas
Or even to this picture where if I could recognize more than 7 or 8 world leaders who may be determining my future, I would be doing well.

G-20 world leaders at reception from the Queen

You know the last time I lived in London, the only black policeman I knew about was the one that did traffic control outside of the Hammersmith Odeon. I wonder what happened to him.

PC Michael Zamora and the President Also the only riot that I have ever been in was during one of the Notting Hill Carnival riots in the late 70's where the police didn't really have riot gear to speak of.

G20 Riots in London

G-20 riots in London
I remember before crossing the police line to see things from the other side, how 1 constable had picked up headboard from a twin bed and proceded to defend himself from the bricks and rocks that were being hurled at his position. Crack! was the sound of a brick as it made contact with the headboard. Crack! was the sound of the second brick as the policeman swatted it away. At that sound, all of us behind him started to clap as if he was up at bat playing cricket at Lords. It was a very British riot.

Sometimes I miss those days.


  1. lol @ the Vendetta mask. Does anyone else besides me think that the Vendetta guy looks like Captain Hook (minus the hook)?

  2. V for Vendetta? Okay I will give that more thought and attention.

    The pictorial is great! You recalled living in London during the Nottingham Riots, you have experienced a great deal in your short years.

    I was listening to the news this morning and even with all the wonderful things said about the President and First Lady Obama, the one thing critics pointed out was that Mrs. Obama carries no handbag at anytime and she did not curtsy properly or at all.

  3. RunningMom - Well the facial hair is familiar, but the Captain Hook, at least the Disney version, has a bigger nose.

    Chet - I don't think I've experienced any more than anyone else has. It's just a matter of taking note of what's going on around you when they occur, or how close you were when you missed it.

    As for the 1st Lady, never mind handbags and the Queen, she wouldn't be expected to curtsey becuase she's not British and not even Angela Merkel of Germany carries a handbag and she's a few years her senior. What I want to know is if like her husband, she almost kissed the shoes of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia if she met him; or would she have had to slip on a veil and head scarf to be in his presence.

    And speaking of good looking people why is it only now that I realize that the President of Argentina is also a looker?


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