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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rambling Relays

I think I’m trying to avoid writing about something. There are a couple of things that are on my mind, but I don’t know how to go about writing them. I tell myself I just need to season the idea little, turn a phrase here or there and relate it to this or that so that I can be comfortable with it, but I never do. I have a few unfinished pieces on Word with one or two paragraphs and that’s it. Truth be told, even if I were to go back to them, they’d be so old that I probably couldn’t figure out what it was that I was trying to say originally. So I will just ramble on a bit.

It’s Penn Relay weekend and I have nothing that I want to do. There are of course the games. But I think that I have gotten to an age where I am just interested in the athletic performances and not the ancillary performances of the spectators looking for dates or whatever both in and out of the stadium that often accompanies the Relays.

If I were to go with friends, I would be the one seen as putting a downer on the whole thing because I would be the one looking to see who was winning a race, whereas they would be the ones looking to see who had the most to jiggle up front, or behind, or see who was built like a brick shit house and what they’d like to do with them. Not that there’s anything wrong that, but what the hell does it mean to be built like brick shit house anyway? I can see the brick house part, but where and how does shit make it even more of a compliment?

Anyway, since it is Relay Weekend that means that it’s the official or unofficial Black Gay Pride weekend in Philadelphia. It also means that there will be plenty of parties that I will not be invited to and I few where I wouldn’t show up even if I were invited because I never have been a real party person unless of course the liquor was flowing the way that it should be and or I was comfortable with the people that were there. It also means that there will be the clubs or bars dedicated to getting that black gay dollar this weekend from people of questionable ages that I will also avoid like the plague, just because I know how the kids get when they are trying to act all grownup and Miss Thing. God, was I ever like that? Also could I make these sentences any longer? Changing gears.

Today I was out in the sun for a few hours doing a few things and decided that I would go to my gym for quick shit and a shower because I was feeling sweaty and stinky. Actually I’m joking about a quick shit because I have something about public toilets that one or two therapy sessions still wouldn’t be able to help me with and why I thought showering and putting back on the same stinking clothes would make a difference is beyond me. But there I was drying off and I noticed I had a tan line on my upper arms from wearing a tee-shirt.


Well for me, that’s a big thing. I am dark and I can get even darker. One time I went to Guadeloupe and I turned so dark there were highlights that I saw on my chest that were actually purple when the sun hit it just right. That was interesting. It was also fun. Nice work if you can get it and it’s time to start working on that again and getting back to my Maasai roots. "But the Maasai are from East Africa” you say, “and slaves were taken from West Africa.” To which I would reply that my family has always travelled and who is to say that they weren’t vacationing in sunny Ghana or Nigeria at the time?

I was going to downshift even further and talk about another “Golden Girl” leaving us but I think that I’ve gone on too long as it is and may leave it for another day. Nevertheless I truly believe that Betty White is going to survive everybody and keep working although at this point that’s not going to be much of a bet, but I’m still taking wagers right now if you’re interested.


  1. Haha! Nevermind going to see a therapist, just let them read this post...

    PS: Betty White in amongst Black Gay Pride? What more could you want...?

  2. I know you wrote about something.. I just couldn't get past the nekkid guy on the steps to actually read it. Damn you! (lol, Just kidding.)

    You sounded a little touch of ADD in this post! So what is it that you want to say that you haven't said? Come on, out with it.

  3. LOL @ unfinished articles. Ha! I hear that...

    And don't get me started on public toilets.

    Brick shit house? Hmm... I'd like to see some investigation into that expression.

  4. Well at least you have some unfinished stuff...I haven't even started anything.

  5. There are going to be those times when finding just the right thing to write about or trying to convey a message and all of a sudden "Writer's Block."

    Although you may not have completed the piece you've been working on, but never the less you always seem to enlighten us, educate us or make us laugh sometimes all in the same blog entry.

    Unoffical Offical Black Pride Week in Philly? I know exactly what you mean, and yes it will be quite the crowd mostly the Kids from Newyork, DC you know the drill. let the shade begin... Yes the youngins are out of control and they can be lethal with alcohol in them, I remember being one of them children way back in the day, Donald and I were oh so that way, we had the right address, credit cards,cash flow and boyfriends in various zipcodes so we thought we were the shyte! Wrong! Now the youngins have far more than I did as a youngin there is one residing in my apartment building can't be more than nineteen and has it all, or at least he thinks he does, I have no idea who's paying the thousand dollar rent for that unit,or the car note because the kid is just starting college (1st year). he is always polite with me, but when he gets over to Milwaukee that bi*ch just shows out.

  6. Sanya - Betty White is the perfect person to be mentioned along with Black Gay Pride. You want to say that she is wholesome and nice, but you know deep down there is something about her that says there is a little freak in her and she could show you a few tricks.

    RunningMom - Come on now, don't be distracted by nonense. The pictures are are supposed to help the story, not be the story. Like the Wizard says, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Or in this case a man without a curtain to cover him.

    As for the rest, I would tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

    ka-os - Hmm, I wonder if your public toilet issues are the same as my public toilet issues.

    D - Sometimes when there is nothing to say, it's best not to write it. I think that's what you have already found, whereas I have to start a post before realizing it wasn't worth the effort to begin with.

    Chet - See that's exactly why I'm going throgh that Greta Garbo syndrome of hiding and telling people that I want to be left alone. The older I get, the more I realize that the importance of most things becomes less and less. Someday, even your neighbor will get to realize that as well.

  7. I completely understand your public toilet issues!

  8. Photgreg - I am actually starting to think that I am no longer the only person in the world who has a dread of those places.

  9. Yea I've gotten over the whole allure of Penn Relay's. I used to go (not for the actual relay's of course) some years ago but I guess as I've matured (read: 'aged') I just dont find it interesting anymore. Go figure.


  10. Damnit - Matured, aged or are these just euphemisms for a lack of libido? Don't worry, they have pills for that now.

  11. 1. I always love looking at your man photos. I wouldn't want a chiseled man like that for myself but the sho' is nice to look at.

    2. I loves...simply loves your color...brown, black or purple. Or maybe it's the person inside the skin that makes it that more attractive. I'll ponder that...

    3. I'm piss color...ok, maybe a dark ginger beer color...but come sun...I am now a proper shade of paperbag brown. But that's so bougie to say...so to make it more hood...let's say I am cardboard brown.

    4. Betty White is the mack yo! She is hilarious even at her age she still plays some crazy batshit parts. Umm, is Rue McClanahan still alive?

    ...and I am ...out!

  12. Blah Blah Blah - The brown paper bag test? I haven't heard of that in years.

    As for Rue McClanahan, I saw her on TV a couple weeks ago on Law & Order or something looking like she had survived a bad car accident or a cheap face lift, or maybe both.


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