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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea for Two or Taxes?

The Mad Hatter's Tea PartyI finished my taxes at about 12:30am on Wednesday night or Thursday morning the 16th if you want to get technical and work for the IRS. But I figure I had lived in the Hawaii instead of the east coast I would have still had a few hours to go before it was midnight so I think that will be my defense if I should hear anything like late filing fees or any nonsense like that.

Why was I so late? No real reason I suppose. I thought it would take about 20 minutes since I was using Turbo Tax but instead since I had nothing like the records I needed, ready or in front of me, so it took almost 2 hours with a short smoke break in between. I just need to be so much more organized in my life. I’m still looking for a credit card that I took out from wallet some time ago and have no idea where I put it. I would call the bank and tell them that it’s lost but since I seem to lose my credit cards or wallets every 18 months, they may decRitz-Carltonide not to send me another one. The card has been owned by Chase since the beginning of the year and looking at their website they don’t seem to be as friendly as when it was owned by Wamu, or Providian, or whoever owned it before those two. Where am I going with this?

Oh, when I was doing my taxes it finally hit me what all these Tea Parties that were being held in different places were about. It was tax day and people were protesting about the supposed increase in taxes that will be coming in the future due to the increase in government spending today. No taxation without representation. Folks were doing a present day version of the Boston Tea Party and not the afternoon tea parties they have under the rotunda of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philly. I will say, you have to wake up pretty damn early in the morning to slip one over on me, hee hee.

I am just so out of touch with things nowadays. Maybe it’s because I drink coffee like the girl below so I can’t relate.


  1. Atleast you got them all completed...good job!

  2. PLEASE tell me where this clip comes from, it's both hilarious and disturbing all in one...

  3. Cincinnati NAMjA - Thanks, but my taxes but my taxes have never really been a big deal to do.

    Sanya - That comes from the 1st disaster movie spoof, Airplane where other movies like the Wayan's brothers Scary Movie or Epic Movie find their origins.

  4. better to drink coffee these days...

  5. Ah... tax....

    So I was eating a burrito when I saw that video clip, and the end of it caught me by surprise.... and now I have bits of burrito on my computer monitor....

  6. Tea for Two, and Two for Tea.

    I'm late I'm late for a very important date, no time to say hello goodbye I'm late I'm late.

  7. lol @ that video - priceless!

    Glad you got your taxes finished - I'm thinking you have a decent defense if asked...

  8. Dusty Boot - I hope your screen is cleaned off by now because I would hate each time that you looked at a dirty monitor, you thought of me.

    Chet - That's what kife is about, a series of jumping down the rabbit hole.

    RunningMom - Oh I don't mind the IRS asking, I just don't want them to conclude I sent it out on Thursday and give them an excuse to slap on a fine.

  9. I LOVE "Airplane", its so funny!


  10. This is too cute, the video is enchanting, glad I stopped by your blog world

  11. Lola - Airplane is one of the funniest movies that was ever made. There are like 3 jokes a minute in that movie and even if 2 of them fail there is always one that will knock you to the floor

    Lyrically Speaking - Thanks for dropping in. Don't be a stranger.

  12. Shame on you Curious! Had you called me I would've gotten you right together with respect to the Tea Parties.


  13. Damnit - If I had called on you, you might have convinced me to dress up like an indian and start watching Fox News, and life's too short for that.


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