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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video Quickie

Did you ever wonder why health insurance rates are so high?

Alright so I'm a facist, but he has no shame. Who among us is perfect?


  1. he shouldn't be doing this for the public to watch

  2. WTF IS THAT!!! Is he wearing girls underwear!?!? Doesn't he know that crack kills!?!?? I think his boobs are bigger than mine!!!

    And WTF is up with drinking out of the blender!?!?!? EEEEEWWWW!

    That's just nasty. Take it down!

  3. Gayte - I agree with you. Back when I was a teenager, we had fat kids but I never saw anyone looking like this. And even if there were, they would had never have shown themselves in all their in-glory lis this one.

    RunningMom - I think he is just a reflection of a society today where kids are allowed to eat as much shit as possible and then not be ashamed by being that grotesque looking. "Crack kills," hee hee hee. Maybe that's why I put him up there. He's just like a car accident that you can't stop staring at.

  4. Can you PLEASE post something else and push the fatty-fatty-two-by-four to the bottom of the page - THANKS!!

  5. Dying at this! I mean a blogger steps away for a few weeks and returns to find her fellow blogger torturing us with such content.


  6. RunningMom - I hope you're satisfied now.

    Miss Mahogany - What some people will call torture, others will call realism. I just call it shame and now for some reason I don't think I will ever have a milkshake in life again.

    CPA Doc - Tell us how you really feel.

  7. My stomach hurts after watching this!

  8. Deonté K - Actually with all that weight being held up, the performer should be the one with a stomachache.


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