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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Feeling Kind of Blue

It was either yesterday or the day before that I first read one or two blogs about Larry Flynt and the guy that does Girls Gone Wild, the one that was in for tax evasion I believe, decided that they were going to approach the Government and ask for some of that Troubles Assets Relief Program (TARP) money, or what used to be known as the "bailout."

I didn’t believe it of course until I saw the same story was being reported by CNN and MSNBC and I thought what kind of nonsense are they playing at now? Apparently because of the economy, sales of porn DVDs and other forms of blue entertainment have fallen 22% and they will be asking Congress for $5 billion to tide them over and help them through the dark days of this recession.

I wasn’t going to comment on this because I take care of my porn needs over the net with a few free sites especially on those nights when I can’t fall asleep easily and I need a little…incentive shall we say. Also I know, and I hazard a guess that you know too, that they don’t have a snowball’s chance of seeing anyone on the Hill about it and that the story would be over by the end of the week. But then I thought, supposing Larry’s not really looking at getting money from Congress, but what if he is instead looking to be turned down so that he could sue them in the courts for, I don’t know discrimination against a legal industry, the adult entertainment industry. After all if banks can get money for being careless with their loans and investments, and the auto industry can get money to build cars that no one is buying, then why can’t the porn industry get money to keep the nation happy?

If you’ve seen the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt, then you know there is nothing that would please my boy more than to be able to get up in court and state that the right for easily affordable, cheap and sleazy sex is being taken away by the government and that he wouldn’t mind being the one to put that right.

…And justice for all? If not, then I can't wait for the show that's going to come.


  1. The idea of tax payor money going towards finanicing our guilty pleasures I like you can never see happening. However, I also agree that it is ripe for a court case if denied. Another waste of tax payor dollars.

  2. who in their right mind would take these men seriously?

  3. I know that the auto industry needed the bailout to keep running, but if they can get it why shouldn't other industries who a financially in hole get bailed out aswell. I say, go for it Larry...give'em hell!

  4. Whozhe - "Another waste of tax payers dollars," maybe but there is a thought by some that idea of a bailout is a waste of money and will do nothing but ensure company bigwigs receive their bonuses, their salaries and junkets to the Caribbean. The money spent either fighting the porn industry or bailing them out too will just be a drop in the bucket.

    Gayte-keeper - I would think someone like Barack Obama would take it seriously if he wasn't President -Elect. He is after all a constitutional law professor and this would be about the Commerce Clause in the Constitution, and or the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment in the Bill of Rights or known as equal protection under the laws. Of course Flynt & Co would have to prove that his industry is about to completely collapse and not just experiencing a drop in profits to have any leg to stand on.

    Nite - That's exactly what the system is about. If someone can get theirs, then why shouldn't you be able to get yours?


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