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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Generally I try to stay away from other peoples ideas for the posts that I do. It's kind of a professional courtesy. I believe that bloggers should be allowed to write and develop their stories or work without having to worry about someone else trying to beat them to the punch, ride their coattails or steal their thunder. But this time I'm saying "Hell with that." I can be just as gossipy as the next person and when it comes to food and silly stuff, I'm there; especially if it's bakery goods. Even more than the cigarettes and the drinking, cookies and cakes are my by biggest addictions, so I'm there.

I read a post called White Folks Who Still Don't Get It Chronicles by Professor Tracey at Aunt Jemima's Revenge. In it professor Tracy says there is a bakery, Lafayette French Pastry Bakery near St. Vincents in the Village that is selling cookies called Drunken Negro Face Cookies. Apparently the bakery was so proud of its product, it even went out of its way to dedicate and rename the cookies as Obama Heads on the day of the Inauguration.

Now the professor and many others have found the whole idea of these cookies as offensive and racist and there is even talk of boycotting the bakery and possible protests to show how upset they are. Since I go to the bakery on Bleeker St. whenever I'm in New York, I know this really would not affect me, but I have to think that even if I did go there I still wouldn't protest the bakery. I just wouldn't go there any more.

I think people can be too thin skinned about certain things. I would much rather have someone call me nigger or faggot and host of other things to my face than smile, take my money and wait until I had walked out of the door before they showed how they really feel about me. The baker may not like me or my kind but I have to respect the fact that he's telling me what he feels up front. Besides he'll get his.

After all I think it was during the French Revolution when both the baker and his wife lost their heads when she told her subjects to eat cake when they were starving. The same thing will happen to this baker when his business has been closed down by spring and he's looking for work serving at Denny's.


  1. Now on this I agree with you. Why protest it just gives them too much attention and takes to much of your own energy away. Just don't buy their stuff they'll feel the loss.

    And thank you for your comments on my blog. I was going to put your blog down too but then I was trying to stick to the rules of 10 blogs. That was hard enough so I made a blanket statement basically meaning that I like all the blogs that i have listed on my site. I know you don't always agree with me. That would be boring if you did. and you make me think too!

  2. I dunno about this one. How in this day and age could he have though that this shit was funny?

    I think it's funny to throw bricks through glass windows of bakery's that I don't like. It doesn't meant that I'll do it.

    If some black baker started marketing a cheese puff with a stinky French sheep's milk cheese to make fun of the stereotype that the French always smell bad, would that be funny?

    I mean during the campaign it was Obabam Waffles, the Obama Food Stamp, the Obama welfare check, The Michelle Obama baboon, Barack the Magic Negro, etc.

    The fact that whites have such a cavalier attitude about these types of images is disturbing. I'm not saying launch a protest or conduct a boycott. I wouldn't shop there at all. Clearly this guy is getting way too much free publicity which in turn will probably increase his business.

    However, if he intends to exercise his freedom of expression he had better be ready for someone to repsond by expressing themselves in an equally as hateful and symbolic manner.

  3. No reaction from the public no satisfaction for the bastard that came up with that semi-racist shyte!

    I would have even purchased one of the cookies/cake then gave it to some white person right out front of that shop.

    I do not get uptight when these kind of things happen why fret over it, hell we are not going to loose any sleep over it, but they will when their fuckin business goes under.

    Let them eat cake!

  4. D - Yep, just walk away. When he starts to realize that he's going to have eat his own Negro Faces in order to survive or go under, he'll change his tune or go the way of so many other businesses that fail to change with the times.

    BlkseaGoat - This is why I love you. I feel your frustration and anger, but the problem here is that the man thinks he's a comedian and a businessman and in fact he's good at neither. He's a fool and I for one won't lose my cool or time trying to bring him down when he's that so well himself.

    Chet - Exactly my point. If he is going to alienate a segment of his customers in this economy be being so stupid, then let him eat the shit himself and see how long he lasts.

  5. I agree with D-place...they are just looking for attention...guess what we just gave them some...

    how are you sweets?

  6. Oyin - I see nothing wrong with paying people attention when they ask for it. How else will they know that you are turning your back unless you tell them so, and how else will others know to avoid them unless you tell them about it?


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