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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An iPod Test Post

Am I the only who was not upset by Aretha's hat yesterday? Actually it
looked kind of warm and comfortable to me.

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  1. Nah her hat didn't bother me. But I wasn't really moved by her performance either (and that goes for the poet as well)...shrugs. But I will forever remember yesterday...how I felt at that moment they announced him as the president for the very first time.

  2. Um her hat was a little over the top.. but that's who she is! When she is back home in Detroit (which is where she acquired that hat), she has to compete with the folks wearing pink and lime green gators with suits and hats to match. Really.

  3. Miss Mahogany - I only saw bits and pieces of it, so I have to rely on the gossip of what others saw and I what I missed.

    RunningMom - Now do you really want to alienate the 2 readers I have from Detroit. Besides, the hat is practical. If it really got windy and cold there, Aretha could have undid that bow, tied down the hat to her head and covered her cheeks from the wind.

  4. My friend George and I are not speaking simply because I sent him a text during the broadcast and inquired as to why did he allow her to leave the house with that vintage material and a hat that appears to have be made from a art and craft kit? He texted me back cussed me out and now will not take any of my calls, he loves him some RE RE, me too, but that does not mean I have to admire her tacky outfits even though this hat and the twenty yards of material was nice, no Marion Anderson back in the day, but close enough. I do love Aretha!

  5. Chet - Tacky outfits? I'm sorry but to me this one made her look respectable for once and just a little bit over the top. Now I'm sure that you and I, just like millions of others have both seen her in some pieces that would make a street whore blush. This just made her look matronly but without a sense of subtly.


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