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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As The Vultures Circle.

I was going to just to do one blog concerning Black History Month. It was probably going to be about how Phyllis Hymen made love to me in the Blue Note in New York and she didn't even know that I existed. But it probably isn't a good time right now due to the recent circumstances. Instead I'll try and think of something else and figure out a way of seeing how it relates to me.

Until then, lets all try to figure out why people on TV are so crass. Or...have they always been that way and it's taken people like Jon Stewart and his gang to point it out?


  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes some television programs are as you put it crass. No refinement or sensitivity at all. I guess in lite view of circumstances it can be humorous.

  2. The day after author Kurt Vonnegut (who you probably know I'm a fan of)died, Fox News raked him over the coals. I'm going to post about this in April when the anniversary of his death comes around, but considering your current topic you may want to watch this:


    When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist, but then I realized I didn't have the lack of conscience necessary to be one.

    So it goes.

  3. You are so correct about the stupidity that is produced by the broadcast media. Unfortunately, given the GOP political circus, it keeps getting worse every day. However, my blogger brother, you also post Black History here on your blog every time you publish. Keep up the great work!

  4. Chet - I remember when Gene Kelly died and the New York Post's headline on the front page in big black bold letters were, "Taps for Gene." Basically it was harmless, but witty wordplay and smarmy sensationalism really should have no play in situations like this. It really says very little about the person who is deceased and more about the people who write or say it and the we the people who accept it.

    Tyge - Me too! I wanted to be a foreign correspondent, our man in Havana so to speak looking for intrigue and espionage. But then I grew up and realized, as you've pointed out, that successful reporting was to work for Murdoch or against Murdoch and root through peoples garbage and talk about things that would have been shameful just a few years ago and that wasn't for me.

    Roger - Actually, I sort of don't blame broadcasters for playing what they do, they just cater to the lowest common denominator to get the biggest buck. I'm just tired of being considered to be in the lowest common denominator.

  5. I can't believe I actually HEARD some of this humor-free nonsense coming of out the mouths of legitimate media personalities... no... make that gutless fools in front of a camera!

    You have to wonder about the job of the gatekeepers, if they still exist, & whether or not they even possess a conscience.

    I would liked to have been a fly on the wall when they took a meeting to discuss, write & hash out what the actual broadcast content would be. Someone was clearly asleep at the wheel... or else so freakin' jaded & so ratings-hungry that they no longer give a damn.

    In answer to his rather assinine, supposedly comical question:

    YES! Damn it! It IS TOO SOON!


  6. I think I may disagree here. Louis Black expresses that so many of our social critics and political pundits are just saying "What only A**holes are thinking," and in my books there's never a time that's too soon to point that out.


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