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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Charlie and George

I have always wanted to know whose dick did George Stephanopoulos suck to get his job at ABC and where do I sign up to get a chance.

He has never been a good host on his own Sunday show "This Week," and he never has ever had anything interesting to say when he was as a commentator or journalist on any other show. Never was it more evident than during the Democratic Primary debate last night in Philly.

Worse still was the fact he was just the hatchet man for Charles Gibson who was the ring master for the event and poor Charlie had even less perceptive things to ask. It was like they were doing a weak imitation of the House of Un-American Activities hearing with Gibson playing the McCarthy role and Stephanopoulos doing the Roy Cohn job.

All I can say is that for almost 2 hours, both candidates in general and Obama specifically were subjected to questions that bordered on trivia, gossip and innuendo. No real policy issues or differences were discussed or explored until the end when I had already decided that who was being kicked off American Idol would have been more insightful.

For someone who has only seen one other debate and that was in January, this debate has left me wondering that if network TV won’t take the Democrats seriously will anybody else?

It makes me miss Peter Jennings even more.


  1. D - I was just mad at the thought that someone thought 2 hours of my life was worth filling with nonsense.

  2. Yeah you are right. ABC should be ashamed of the product they produced that night.

  3. Whozhe - What really got to me that night, I'm over it now, is that with all that time they had to prepare the best they could come up with was something that you would compare to TMZ or Access Hollywood. They made me long for the good old days, and for people like me, those days were rarely ever good.

  4. Well, I missed the debates and I was kicking myself because I forgot they were coming on, but I guess I can forgive myself now, huh?

  5. OMO - You didn't miss anything. There was nothing to be learned other than the country was being "hoodwinked and bamboozled" by the mass media, to sort of borrow a phrase from Malcolm.

  6. small wor ecause i asked the sme thing about GS

  7. T - When George went from Bill Clinton's shill to senior correspondent at ABC without even stopping by the weather desk, I had to wonder, and still do, what was up with that.


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