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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Does It Hurt So Bad?

I refuse to make this blog the damn obituary page...but when I was going to school in East Orange and she was singing with Teddy Pendergrass, I fell in love with her. I never met her or saw her in person, but she was Nippy the local girl who was going good and getting big and had the voice of an angel. She was beautiful.

But that was a long time ago so why....?


  1. Very well-stated!

    Her passing should be seen as one of Life's painful, but Teachable Moments.

    She was a Jersey girl... Newark, thru & thru, so I understand the affinity.

    We who grieve her really didn't KNOW her. She didn't belong to us & she wasn't OUR family. The reality is: she was a super-talented singer who soothed, wooed & comforted & cooed & fed a generation or two w/ large doses of her heart & soul.

    But tragically, something inside of her must've been profoundly empty.

    As sad as this moment feels to the spirit, I'm finding myself hoping that she is finally at peace.

    One Love.

  2. i too hope that Whitney is at peace. I can only imagine how the scrutiny of the world can affect ones life.

    We all grieve because of how she made us feel when she sang.

  3. I think we all felt the same way about the young beauty with the voice of a Angel, I can hardly remember not associating a Whitney song with some event in my adult life. She will be missed. So Long Nippy.

  4. One - I just hope that at that moment just before death she found that peace that maybe we all will look for in the end and not the "oh shit!" moment that many of us will find instead.

    D - Maybe that's it, maybe you're right. I grieve because of the way she made me feel and not because of a non existent relationship with her.

    TGK - Yep.

    Chet - Yes she will be missed, but is it really because she won't be singing anymore? She hasn't really sung anything significant in the last 10 or more years so it can't be that. Maybe she'll be missed because now we'll never get to see that glory and joy of a comeback that we all knew or hoped was just around the corner. We grieve because of the sadness of missed opportunities.


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