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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who is Brenda Vaccaro

Normally I don’t even care about award shows. They are all about people or things that I know nothing about and don’t want to know, or if I do, will forget about before the end of the next commercial. In fact because I love movies, the only show that I will watch is the Oscars but that’s only during the commercials of whatever else is on another channel. I used to say that the only thing that would make television worse would be to add another stupid award show, that was until someone discovered the reality show and TV and my life took a turn for the worse.

Anyway, for some reason I was going down the list of award nominations for the 2011 Golden Globes and under the category for Best Supporting actress in a TV movie there was a bunch of people listed but no Brenda Vaccaro. Brenda Vaccaro? Who’s Brenda Vaccaro you ask? Well let me tell you about Brenda Vaccaro. By the way, have I mentioned the name Brenda Vaccaro yet?

I first came across Brenda Vaccaro in Airport ’75 or maybe it was ’77, it was a while ago, and then again in the Jacqueline Susann film Once is Not Enough which she had done before the Airport movie. I had heard that she was once the older lady in Michael Douglas’s life when he was young enough to have an older lady. But Since then, nothing, Nothing that is until I saw her earlier this year, big as a Buick and just as ugly, in the Dr Death, Jack Kevorkian bio-pic You Don’t Know Jack.

In the movie she plays the role of Jack’s vibrant and yet caring sister that goes tits to forehead with Al Pacino with conviction and believability. She steals scenes when she has to and subjugates herself when she needs to, which was most of the time because she was dealing with Al and let’s face it no one can really go up against Al Pacino. She isn’t the star but she helps the movie move along when the movie needs to move along. She made my experience good and that was worth a mention I should think.

So it looks like…don’t you just hate it when people start off a sentence with the word so. I was watching CNN the other day and the guest started every thought with the word “so.” After a while it became so annoying and I realized that I had noticed it before with other people on TV or on the radio and that it must have become a trend or something. Either way I hate it. It’s now one of my pet peeves like people riding bicycles on the sidewalks only to risk life and limb to young pedestrians and old people as they go about business. But I’m going off on a tangent now and ranting. As I was saying...

So it looks like there will be no need for me to watch the Golden Globes next year and I wish I can say that they will miss me, but since I’ve never watched them before, my guess is that they won’t.


  1. I'm so glad that it is you that is following these programs and the stars of yesteryear, because your boi has no idea who this woman is or who she hopes to be, but one think for sure is that I don't have a clue and can't find any reason why I should.

    I remember Airport and I do know something about Jack. I'm glad to learn that Brenda found work in the movie as the good doctor's sister, but sadden to hear that she is as big as a Buick and just as ugly. Maybe there's hope for me in Hollywood after all.

  2. My my my. I remember Airport. I'm glad that Brenda is getting recognized. Thanks for the post.

  3. Chet - You know Hollywood is full of pretty girls and boys with fakes boobs and painted who will show up one or two silly projects never to be heard of or seen again. The people that you do see over and over again are the men with the bellies and the receding hairlines and look like the guys who live next door and down the street. They may not get top billing, but they always get a line or two and like the Post Office, the work is steady. So put on a few pounds and head on down to LA, your opportunity maybe waiting for you.

    Hershey's Kiss - I only brought her up because when I first saw her, I adored her and this performance brought back memories. Kind of like whenever I see Kyle from Queen Latifah's TV show singing on that Marshall's commercial, it makes me smile.


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