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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Palin Power: Bristol Earns Personal Best on DWTS

Just a quick blurb. If no talent Bristol Palin wins Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday, I have $100 that's saying that no brains mother Sarah is winning the presidency in 2012. I'm just saying.


  1. God forbid! Knock on wood! The "thinking" amongst you would never allow this to happen...



    P.S.: Interesing word verification "exholes"....wow!

  2. I'm would be willing to bet she will too. I cringe at the mere thought of her winning.

  3. Mauro - Thankfully America came to it's senses and allowed Miss Palin to just drift on by. Hopefully Mrs. Palin will take the hint and realize that it will happen to her too if she should choose to run.

    Chet - I'm not sure that a Democrat will be in the White House after the next election, but I think we can all breathe easy knowing the Palins can be beaten and beaten again.

    TGK - Jumped the shark?
    Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.
    Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.
    The weekend comes,
    My cycle hums,
    Ready to race to you.

  4. I didn't understand why America was entertaing Sarah all this time...so you have got to understand my udder confusion to find Bristol now entertaining AMERICA..smh..I give up

  5. TOY COUTURE - Shhh, just between me and you, it's like the name of the James Earl Jones movie, The Great White Hope.


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