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Sunday, September 20, 2009


I think that sometimes I don't really have a lot to say and then I think that I have too much to say and it will all come out wrong, so I don't say anything. This has been one of those latter moments where there is so much going on and yet nothing more than usual and I keep spinning around and still go no where.

Life, crazy huh?

Moments by Will Hoffman. This film is a celebration of life that was inspired by David Eagleman's book, Sum.


  1. Ther are many times that I feel the same way.

  2. I know what you mean...I'm feeling the same way these days.

  3. Cincinnati NAMjA - Yeah, I guess it's not really a unique feeling, it's just part of life.

    Chet - Too much Whitney Houston for you.

    D - I wonder if that feeling is like swine flu, spreading from person to person, or is it something just attacks one person at anytime in any place? A sign of our times or just sign saying that we are alive? I wonder.

  4. I understand how you feel...What to do What to do?

  5. what I do in times like that is pick one thing and stick to that topic... works very well for me. If i can't decide then you get nothing...

  6. ♫Hershey's Kiss♫ - "What to do?" A question that never goes away no matter how old you get.

    fuzzy - I'm just feeling sorry for myself. Once that's over with, I'll find some sort of direction.


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