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Monday, August 31, 2009

Benny and the Jets

Saturday was my birthday and I spent it with sound of Benny and the Jets going on and on in my head. I think I’ve said it before that my birthday was the same as Michael Jackson’s and now it's the anniversary of when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. It’s funny how when I was much younger, I would so long for that day. That is until I realized how many people would celebrate their birthday with hundreds of other kids and I would, because it was at the end of summer, would have fun with just 5 or 6 children that were my closest friends or who just lived really close to me. As I grew older I stopped celebrating my birthday or even the need to bring it up in polite conversation. So it’s kind of strange to bring it up now, but it’s been a kind of strange summer this year anyway.

Although when I think about it, this year has probably been no different from any other year. Another Kennedy has died, two in fact, back to back. We’ve seen authors and singers go who you would never have thought would go so young. And then there were people that surprised you that they had died only because you thought they were dead already. The weather has been, not crazy, but really weird. It’s been something that you couldn’t depend on if you wanted to do something outdoors. Each time that I wanted to go somewhere or do something, it would be chilly or it rained.

Last week I had wanted to go to Sandy Hook the nudist beach with my friend Curtis. There is no better feeling you could have than walking along a beach with the sun on your back and your dick swaying left and right as you take each step, makes you feel…feel like a man. Unless of course you’re a woman, but I’m sure with a nice set of puppies the feeling is just the same. I recommend it to everyone. Anyway, that was canceled when the beach was closed because of the storm surge from Tropical Storm Bill or George or somebody; screwed again. I was left to think about how it was the last time and maybe it will be like in the future.

It’s funny the kind of things that make you think of your past. Music for me is one of those things that will take me back in an instant to a specific time or place, take Benny and the Jets by Elton John. That song will always take me back to going to a fair that would come into town every year. On one of the rides they would always play that song and whenever I hear that song I’m always taken back to a September evening just before dark trying to figure out if I had enough money to get on the ride. And then I would hear Benny and the Jets in my head whenever Melvin at work, who undoubtedly is the most popular person in the company was on the phone with a worker named Benny who was complaining about his paycheck and his child support and whatever else he had found wrong with it. Melvin would say, “Benny…Benny…Benny,” and I would go back to when I was nine or ten and hear Elton John in my head.

On Saturday people started calling me early in the morning. On the first call I couldn’t figure out how to answer the phone. No matter which button I pressed and said hello, the phone would continue to ring. The other calls I ignored and cursed silently to myself wondering why these bitches couldn’t leave me alone, didn’t they know I didn’t observe my birthday. It wasn’t until after midday that I got out of bed and decided to see who had called me. On the phone there was a text message from Wanda, “call me Melvin was hit by a car last night and he’s dead”.

Saturday was my birthday and all I could hear in my head was “buh buh buh Benny and the Jets” and it's been a strange summer.


  1. First and foremost I would like to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday. I agree this has been a strange summer and there has been little reason to celebrate much, but you should observe your birthday.

    Melvin was hit by a car? Sorry to hear that, so I suppose you will answer your phone from now on.

    Nude Beach now that sounds like fun for you men that have bangin bodies, but for me to go nude on the beach would be a crime against nature. I love being naked and if I wasn't carrying around this pouch I would probably run free on a beach where nudity is permitted.

    Benny and the Jets brings back a few memories for myself as well.

  2. I go to that beach quite often and was there this past sunday! taking pictures and the sort! you shoulda came! We coulda met. i might try to squeeze one more day in there before the weather turns drastically.

    Happy Belated!

  3. Chet - "A crime against nature." LOL, first it's not about having banging bodies but being able to show you for being you and not worrying about any perceived flaws that others may think you have. And secondly it's a relief not to hide behind designer clothes or other types of drag trying to prove things to people who really don't matter.

    fuzzy - I don't think you'll see me there, at least not this year. I don't "free willy" for anything less than 80 degrees.

  4. Wow. I'm sorry.

    Great post, though, perversely...

  5. Sanya - Thanks. It wasn't the type of post that I was planning to do though.

  6. Hey Happy Belated Birthday. I'm sorry about your loss. Great post

  7. It's not about whether you celebrate it...it's about me letting you know...I appreciate you being born, DUH!

    Second thing...ummm, I would have called had I had a number. Actually I wouldn't have called but def would have text. You know I am allergic to accepting and making calls.

    Third, wow @ Melvin. Loss is always a hard thing. Sorry to hear the loss... :(

  8. ♫Hershey's Kiss♫ - Thank you, and I guess thank you.

    Blah Blah Blah - Sorry. There I go thinking it was all about me again when if anything that I should have learned from the news of Melvin's death is that it isn't all about me. What's a poor selfish bastard like me supposed to do?

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about Melvin, and I am so sorry I missed your birthday!! And just for the record I agree with Blah^3 - we are celebrating all the love and joy you bring to us with your spirit and mind and talent.

    I sure hope that this year is counted in blessings and good things for you!

  10. RunningMom - Thanks, but you didn't really miss my birthday. You couldn't because it was just like any other day, filled with bits of depression and anxiety mixed in with a few laughs.


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