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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Barney Frank

I love it when politicians say what they really think and not just what they think will keep them in office. I think if I lived in Massachusetts and even though I don't like him sometimes, I would vote for Barney Frank just because politics without him would be deadly dull.


  1. Would you really rally behind him? I imagine if I lived in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts he might be able to solicit a response from me.

  2. I love Barney Frank. He's the target of the Right for a reason.

  3. Chet - I think that I would rally behind anyone who would say what they were really feeling. That would be someone who I could trust as opposed to someone who would say only what they thought I would want to hear. I think that was what Hillary's problem was last year.

    KST - I guess so, until recently I never really took much interest in the man.

  4. I am fuzzy and I approve of this video!

  5. Good Man. Arguing reasonably, and shooting down idiots who talk nonsense in the guise of argument is what political debate should be about.

  6. fuzzy - Hee hee! I'm with you on this.

    Sanya - Hear-Hear for reasonable arguments and total disdain for anything else.


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