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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Philly Pride 2009

naked marineMisery o’ misery!

I hadn’t really intended to write anything about Gay Pride this year. If truth be told, I’m not really that much into it, politically that is. Yes, I see the significance placing yourself out there so everyone else can see you and not brush you aside like yesterday’s trash. I realize the need to be heard when I or anyone else wants to state that we are human, we are equal and we deserve the rights that everyone else has in order to exist because our lives are not less than anyone else’s. But I’ve never really seen these events as being that effective.

In fact when President Clinton wanted to ban the ban on gays in the military, video tapes of gay celebration parades were shown to the top brass and the politicians including John McCain and said if gay people acted like this in the street then it would a cold day you know where before they would knowingly allow anyone with homosexual tendencies in their armed services. They thought the parades to be too flamboyant and too drag queeny to have officers and philly pride 2009men like those among them. They must not have known that I would do a video that would be as dull as dish water and thrown out all of those fun concepts out.

As usual I decided to go to Philly’s Gay Pride Parade at Penn's Landing this year instead of Odunde, the African-American festival they have in South Philly. I don’t go there anymore because I’m becoming more of a snob as I get older and I realize that those people are really not my sort and there’s also less chance of me losing part of a kidney from gunshots if I stay away completely.

So after arriving after 4pm, less than 2 hours before the event would finish and probably well after any of the good stuff, acts, people and half naked muscle boys (there, I’ve said it), had left and I was wondering why was I there. It looked like I had missed all the fun part of the festival but just in time to sign up for the political stuff which as I said I wasn’t interested in.

Oh well, in order to salvage part of the weekend there is this little video which I realize is edited all wrong but I’m over it and I’m just looking forward to some leather at Folsom St East in NYC this weekend. Hopefully that will bring me out of this misery. I wonder what I will wear.


  1. Oh My @ the boy in the teeny tiny jean shorts. He seriously needs to eat. A lot.

    Bring back better eye candy from NYC please and thank you!

  2. S. Philly is scary as shit!

    Yummm... Folsom....!
    This weekend?! Ugh. I have work to do this weekend. Damn.

  3. RunningMom - That's what was missing, no eye candy. No wonder I wasn't having any fun, though I probably knew that already and just couldn't put it into words.

    Dusty Boot - You know, if it stays chilly and wet this weekend, I may not go to New York either.

  4. hmm... wet things... slip-n-slide... oh wait, you're talking about the rain, aren't you? Never mind. :)

  5. Interesting to say the least. The gathering in South Philly appears to much like what I saw this past weekend in Milwaukee, so few African Americans in attendance and so many people straining to enjoy the festivities and clueless as to what Pride actually stands for in the community.

    Enjoy NewYork! Oh yeah you questioned "what should you wear?" Try that leather outfit you've been meaning to wear.

  6. Dusty Boot - I remember walking in the Port Authority Bus Terminal years ago and a man said something to this girl with tits the size of nice sized grapefruits with her nipples just barely peeking over the edge of her blouse. She said back to him loudly,"I'm a virgin," and kept walking.

    I say to you, "I'm a virgin and I don't know what you mean."

    Chet - There is always a lack of representation there, I don't know why that is unless it shows that there is still a difference between us and them which actually Philly is known for.

    And as for wearing leather in New York, if you are referring to stuff I got last year I'm not sure I can still fit into it. Plus if it rains and soaks through, those pants may show a little too much religion to be on a city street during the daytime.

  7. ^You can never have too much religion!

    Nice guy with the bullhorn. I felt the love? Did you feel the love?

    Bring on the leather! Just buy a new outfit and pass it off as the one you've already purchased. If you post pics we won't tell. ; )

  8. KST - It's always interesting to be told by people who say they are better than you are and say that they love you, that you are the ones who will burn in Hell when they come to your house. But somehow I don't get the impression that that's being Christlike.

    As for the leather, that didn't come off. There was too much sneezing, headache and eyes watering on my part to travel the 160 miles there and back to enjoy myself on a cool and cloudy day in NY. Maybe next year.


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