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Monday, March 16, 2009

Must See TV

The Last Supper
This was to be my homage to the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. This was to be about the episode that I have been waiting for over 6 or 7 years to see and will be airing this Friday. But it's not.

Most people will think that Battlestar Galactica is just about cowboys in space, a remake of the old TV series with 2 dimensional characters and even weaker plot lines. The rest of us, the ones who have tried to understand the show, will see it as a microcosm of life and religion where there are no easy answers and nothing is ever as good or as evil as you think it is or as black or as white as you would want to believe it to be. Everything and everyone will have their various shades of gray and the trick is finding out if there are really any differences between them.

Battlestar Galactica
I’ve gone through strikes, single seasons spread over years, threat of cancellation, lack of production funds, and the lack of viewers all in hopes of finding the answer to my questions about the show. And maybe I won’t get them. It would be the irony of ironies if I should drop dead before Friday and never see the thing, but it would be sweet justice if I did see the show only to come out with even more questions than I had before I started to watch the show. But like I said Galactica was what I wanted to right about, but I won’t. Instead.

People said that I was cruel when I said that the people who were snaking outside of the building I worked and around the block to the Pennsylvania Convention Center a few years ago were the biggest losers as they waited for an audition in the rain for a chance to be on the reality show, The Biggest Loser a few years ago. Now it seems that I was wrong.

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the video of the thousands of people lining up in New York City trying to audition for America’s Top model when panic and pandemonium broke out. I haven’t seen the show since they had that former model, Janice I think her name was, on the show as a judge. You know whom I’m talking about, the one that looked like she was stuck somewhere between a transvestite with a really botched change operation and a hooker who had come across some extremely hard times. Anyway, even though I work with a few women who live and die by the show, I have never really understood their interest in it. A few skinny girls and the occasional normal looking one without a chance, vying for a one year contract for a cover girl position at a magazine that I’ve never heard of.

But then I must be only one not to understand it, because as far as I know the show is still going strong and there are people, thousands of them apparently, who are willing to risk life and limb for a miniscule chance to cry and show how awkward they are in life. Apparently there are thousands of girls willing to be insulted by Jay and Miss Jay in front of the nation and maybe the world, or just trying be America’s Top Model.


  1. moddel fighting and what no mud = sad and i aint seen the new one grew up the old school

  2. I bet Ms. Jay was watching the fight eating a bag of Dorritos, getting life!

  3. T - I never even thought of that. If someone had turned the hose on and thrown some mud on them, there could have been a video that would have out sold Girls Gone Wild. A for BSG, to bad you never saw the new envisioned version, it separated the boys from the men with this one.

    Q - Somehow I think you are right and I bet you she(he) commented on it when the girls were brought in for their audition as only she can.

  4. My daughters like the show. I haven't watched since Eva Diva won. It really is a girl thing and since they outnumber us guys they will always have strong numbers for that show.

    I can't believe this is my first time commenting on your blog, unless you have changed the way it looks, because it doesn't look familiar.

  5. Rich - I think perhaps you are right, the show is marketed towards women but I had never thought that it had reached that many. And yes I believe this is the 1st time you've commented here, although I seem to change the format every 6 months when I think I've seen a better way to present things.

  6. As a woman I will proudly proclaim that I have NEVER watched either Tyra's talk show or America's next top Model.

    I did however witness three of those women almost trampled to death show their lack of intelligence as they tried the ameatuer model best to tell the Today show the horror of the experience and then go on to explain they would be at the next casting call. *SIGH* Never in my life have I experienced such vapidness. I guess boobs are not a prerequisite to understanding because I really don't get it.

    I'm with Torrance at least if there had been some mud and doritos I could have laughed my ass off at these idiots trying to manuever in stilettoes.

    As it stands I am just sad that these girls saw this as a real opportunity. If they don't have the sense to be embarrased I will be embarrased for them.

  7. I stand with you, I don't understand and I don't watch ATM. (Now I do watch Rupaul's Drag Race, and not just for the pit crew).

  8. It appears Tyra has given up any pretense that she's looking for real models as next season she's only featuring girls under 5'7" which kind of kills the whole point of the show...

  9. Ingrid - Are you saying that the cliche is true about models and a lack of intelligence? Whatever is this world coming to? Lol.

    Curio - Alright I can see the girls getting into to their drag because there is a contract for someone at the end of the show, but men in drag I don't get. True, LOGO is a premium channel here so I haven't seen the show to criticize it, but what would be the purpose of being a contestant? To work in a seedy joint that few people enter without the cover of darkness. Or am I just reflecting on the places that I go to? Hmm.

    Ray Avito - Maybe the show is trying to relate more to its audience rather than the industry needs, ie. ratings count more than anything else.

  10. I'm under 5'7...the new national average...lol

    Models? I don't get them...I mean, really...what are they for?
    Hater in me? Maybe a little..but not really.

    Ok, so I've checked out your responses...and I am thinking that Philly is a 2 hour car ride...just sayin'...lol

  11. BBB - Why do I think that lines and moves that I've made in the past are now being turned around and used against me?


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