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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Not Mad

I don’t think I am as mad as hell. I think I can take a little bit more in fact. I don’t why that is, I don’t have any special hidden reserves or caches of loot buried in a Swiss account or a bank in the Bahamas or wherever rich people keep their funds. I don’t have a wife who hasn’t worked a day in her life but somehow says that $160 million is hers and that whatever I may have done illegally has nothing to do with her assets. I am no more secure in my life or situation than anyone else I know, and yet as the world seems to be on the edge of heading into the abyss, I am not mad about it and I wonder why.

I think I should be mad. I see the value of my property fall as well as those around me. I see my debts rise in proportion to the hike in local taxes that are coming and the increase in insurance premiums. I also see my ability to cover those obligations decrease more and more while I receive less and less in services that I pay for. We only have 6 police officers in my town and 2 of them are part timers. At night the police station closes and if something happens you have to call the City of Camden, the county seat, and have them dispatch someone. I should be mad, but I’m not.

There are a lot of people who are upset and or up in arms about the bonuses that some executives received at AIG after fucking up the company and the economy. I am not. I see them as people who American International Grouphave learned to look after number 1 and I can’t fault them for that. If truth be told, in my next life I want to come back as one of them or at least have whoever represented them in their contract and compensation negotiations represent me.

I say if Congress or the Administration didn’t bother to care before about what the company would do with the money that they were given, or think that they wouldn’t do a Merrill Lynch shuffle board play on them, then why should I? You may answer because you and I will have to pay for it, but I would say that I’ll be long dead by the time that thing is paid for. I mean isn’t that we have done before, what we do now? Don’t we just pass on our obligations and the results of our actions on to those who come behind us? Isn’t that what things like global warming, national debt and social secuity all about?

For years now, corporate executives have made a ridiculous multiple in earnings of their average employee, and no one said anything; probably because people were just waiting for the opportunity to get the chance to make that amount of money for themselves. And now that things are going sour, people act like the inspector in the movie Casablanca, shocked to find out that there is gambling going on in the premise, but I’m not mad.

Really I’m not mad. I think like a worker bee, like a drone, I just shovel shit from one hole to another and wait for the next shoe to drop. I’m resigned to it.

I taped a copy of this movie years ago when I first saw it. But I’m not sure I know where it is now and it seems to be so appropriate at this time. Although I know I’m not at that stage yet, but I'll let you know when I am.


  1. I don't blame you for not being mad...not @ all...

  2. Not mad at you or the big bonuses given to the fellas at AIG, and yes they should be entitled to the money, hell nobody stopped them when they were jackin off the company and it's finances so hell yeah the bonuses are yours to keep, it won't help the economy one bit now.
    The rich gets richer and well the working class gets closer and closer to poverty.

  3. OK it's official....you are my new old school movie buff friend..lmao! (I love that you can pull out scenes from throwback classics...lol.) I always find it funny when the residents just start screaming out the window.

  4. Gayte - Yep. This thing is just becoming an excuse for mass hysteria that I don't think I can get involved in right now.

    Chet - Like I heard someone ask, if you give someone $100 bucks to crawl out of a hole and they take $1.50 and buy a candy bar, can you relly get upset? Compared to the billions that has been given AIG, the bonuses come to peanuts. Peanuts I'm not ready to get worked up over.

    Miss Mahogany - Everyone should know that clip. I just hadn't realized how much a 30 year old scene had so much relevance today until I looked at it again last week.

  5. I agree with Miss M. This is so relevant still today. History has repeated itself!

    However, I agree with you - I'm not mad either. I'm doing what I need to do to make it happen for my family and enjoy the time I have here on this earth. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone and I'm sure as hell not going to spend my days being mad about things I have zero control over!

  6. RunningMom - It's sad, but I think we are in the same boat. Tired of being taking advantage of, but unable to change it at the moment. So unlike Howard Beale I can't scream from the window and feel that it will do any good.

    T - We should all be furious but I don't think that we have found that point, that line on the ground where we will say no more and be furious about it. Although I'm close to it.

  7. You got a right to be mad, sh*t! I'm mad too...

  8. Q - Yes I have a right to be be mad. But the thing is is that I'm not and I'm not sure why.


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