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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Now

What now? Well on Tuesday it was time to start shaving again. I hadn’t shaved in almost 2 weeks. I wish I could have said it was because I was doing it for some noble cause like not shaving again until there was a black man in the White House because legally there still isn’t and I would have fallen short. No, I just didn’t feel like it. And even though I was starting to get that ‘final contestant waiting for the merge Survivor look', I really wasn’t going for that. On me that’s really not a pretty look anyway.

If I could grow a beard like how Teddy Pendergrass grew a beard, real thick, luscious and masculine looking, I might really go for it. But I can’t. It’s not that it grows in patches like I’ve seen on others, but it does grow in kind of thin looking. I guess just the same way it must have grown in for Old Mr. Chin my great grand-father and his family.

Since Tuesday I’ve been trying to say something about the recent election victory by Barack Obama other than I shaved but I couldn’t think of anything. Everything has already been said or written about by everyone else. Historic recognitions, praises, congratulations and jubilations have all been put down on paper, on the net and by word of mouth. What more can I say? I’m sure there is something but I think it would take someone with a better mind and more organized than me to find it.

If I were religious and active in the church that I say I belong to I would insist on us having a sermon of thanksgiving. I would find a way of honoring what happened this week, but I’m not. I remember a story that Jonathan Winters said once when he was coming back from the war, Korea or WWII. He was marching in a parade down his town’s main street and he saw his mother in the crowd of onlookers. He broke ranks and ran over to her full of happiness and glee and said, “Ma, Ma, I’m home. I made it back alright.” And she looked at him and being an Episcopalian like I am nodded and said, “I see ya.” So maybe that is what I will say, “I see you Mr. President-Elect.” But then I would ask, “What now?”

I would hope that he says that he intends to carry out his campaign promises. I don’t know them all, but I would want the troops brought back as soon as possible both from Iraq and Afghanistan, even though I know Afghanistan wasn’t part of the deal. I would hope that he would insist on creating or starting a dialogue with Chavez, Assad and other leaders we have problems with, even the Castro Brothers. I never have understood what has been gained by boycotting Cuba since the Kennedy administration. Maybe that can change too. I would also hope that the healthcare for all plan that he said he would develop, really does come into fruition. And I would hope that we really do develop alternative energy fuels and that we do start to fight against global warming.

So, what now?


  1. My father has had a beard my whole life. This one time when I was about 4 he shaved it off without telling me. He came out of the bathroom and I didn't know who he was. I was UPSET! He sounded like my dad when he talked, but he sure didn't look like my dad. He hasn't shaved it since! lol!

    So many of us were so hopeful and anxious about Obama getting into office and now that he has been elected we have to start waiting all over again. January couldn't come soon enough!

  2. i go weeks without shaving sometime. not a good look. i just don't feel like it. i'm also getting thin on top so when i grow my hair it grows in patches. my kids tell me i like 10 years older. being a stay at home dad who doesn't work outside the home, i have the luxury of not having to shave if i don't want to. but of course when i do, everyone tells me how well i clean up lol.

    we all need a break sometime....

  3. Man I feel you on the growing of a neat and oh so tight beard, I can not get mine to connect properly and it is to time consuming to care for, but it is the ultimate man that has one.

    Yes history was made on Tuesday and so many of us are elated and look forward to change.

  4. Interesting - I'm going to grow my beard out - going to get it lined up in the morning!

    Yup - we all can't wait to see what's next.

  5. Runningmom - I guess the elections are a bit like life. It never stops it just continues on and on always looking and waiting for answers.

    Jnez - We all need a break alright, but sometimes it's trying to figure what we really need a break from is the real question. Plus like you said facial hair makes you look so much older which can be good if your not old, or a little too much if you are already old

    Chet - You said it. More time spent on trying to look pretty can be such a hassle.

    Darius - I wonder how long we will have to wait and then if we can wait that long.


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