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Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

What is it that makes ordinary civilized people of good intent and condition turn them into savages at the mention of the word “Sale”. You know of course I’m going to talk about what happened on a Long Island Wal-mart on Friday. I should say something about India, the rich Brits and Americans in Mumbai being attacked, but that somehow doesn’t affect me as much as Wal-mart. Plus I think there is a hell of stuff missing from the India story.

Now I’m not trying to sound like I’m better than anyone else, even though I’m sure that my mother would be the first one to say that I am and that I live way beyond my means and that she isn’t rich and can’t throw money away for no apparent reason like I do. But the way I see it is that if I am not willing to purchase something at full price if I can afford it, then reducing the price doesn’t make it more attractive. My sister has rooms and a garage full of of shit that she never uses, but she is so proud because it was shit she got on sale. If I thought something was junk or hideous or ridiculous at $100, then I would still think it was junk, or hideous or ridiculous at $19.50.

So the whole idea of waking up early the day after Thanksgiving, breaking down a store’s glass doors at 4 in the morning and running over some guy who is probably making $1.50 over minimum, stomping him to death like a herd of elephants during the drought on the Serengeti looking for something to drink other than their neighbors piss just so I can save $50 on TV who’s price will drop by $150 by next February is just something slightly beyond my scope of imagination.

Funny thing is, we will still look down on others trying to make it through the day in the Middle East and elsewhere while we mow people down just to get that 20% discount on something we probably don’t need and all in the name of the Christmas holidays. The whole thing gives me a certain feeling to it, however warm wouldn’t be the way I would describe it.


  1. That was really, really tragic. I was out Friday morning at 4am when JCPenny opened, at 5am when Best Buy opened and at 6am when Target opened. All of the stores had lines outside, but none were unruly. I passed Best Buy right as the doors opened. The people were filing in slowly but steadliy - same with Target.

    I didn't go near a Wal-Mart, but I think Wal-Mart is like a war-zone on a normal day....

  2. Runningmom - Hmm so you are saying that each store attracts its' own type of customers and perhaps Wal-mart customers are a differnt breed from the rest?

  3. You caught that did you? I'm not trying to offend the "normal" folk who visit WalMart because there are some... but 'round here, going to Wal-Mart is like visiting a third-world country - they just don't know any better.

  4. man that was so sad and im with u is it that important? greed and materialsm will destroy us all

  5. @runningmom

    Ya know I was thinking the SAME THING when this story first appeared. It always seems like they have this similar image every Black Friday-the hoards of people in an unruly fashion. And because that's mostly the images the news shows people tend to think its mobbish like that everywhere. I woke up early too but really I was shopping for myself..lol..so I didn't hit the stores until about 7 same places as you. (Girl we shouldve road together..lol) There was crowds but nothing that seemed out of control and the wait times weren't really that bad. Don't get me wrong this isn't an attack on Wal-mart shoppers because hell I was just in there last night buying eggnog and soap LOL. But I don't ever go there on Black Friday. Too much of a stigma and I think it draws that frenzy out of reputation now...

  6. T - It just angers me so much that people will act that way and for nothing really.


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