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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Men and their Toys

What is it about electronics that that turn men on so? Why do men always have to have the latest gadget out there with the most bells and whistles to make them feel fulfilled? Why are men so easily led into the trap of wanting something with a few blinking lights more than the last thing and really not needing it only to find out later on that’s really not good enough? Okay, maybe that’s a generalization that may not be true. It just may be something that I use to justify my own impulse purchases, to satisfy my own vanity. But they are questions that I do ask of myself, ususally only after I’ve bought something and realized that the reason and justification that I gave for buying it was as bogus as a $3 bill. Take for example the cell phone I bought yesterday.

From since the beginning of the year my cell phone has been acting up. The phone can no longer hold a charge for more than 2 days, and if I use it for more than 30 minutes it starts to beep and blink low battery for the next 2 hours which usually drives me crazy until I turn it off. My contract with Verizon had been up since February I think but I was eligible for a new phone at no cost to me. I would just have to renew the contract.

Since I have never been one to talk that much on the phone, I have always opted for minimum plan just above where you don’t have to pay for each call. So I don’t really need a fancy phone just one that will do the job. But looking at the list of phones that would work with my plan, I noticed there were Blackberrys listed (or is it Blackberries) from $50 to $150 with my discount that I could get.

Now I have seen many members of my gym use their Blackberrys , on the floor, on the elevators and in the lockers rooms. They would read their email, send text messages, do stuff that I didn’t know about. Actually, they were probably just doing shit. I mean, the courts are closed after 5pm, so they weren’t doing legal stuff. I can’t believe that they were summoned for medical emergencies by email, so they aren’t doctors and if they are trading stocks in Sydney or Hong Kong whatever stock exchange is open 5pm EDT, I’ve never seen them pull out the charts or reports that people use for trading. So that leaves just one thing. Shit. They must be doing shit. Texting “Honey” that they are on their way home. Or reading a message that “Honey” has left telling them to make sure they bring home that gallon of milk for the kids. I will sometimes laugh at them silently at their fake ass attempts to seem important.

So of course I ordered one online. It should come in about 2 business days.


  1. I love my blackberry but of course i don't need it for the purpose it was built for.

  2. Damn your phone sounds just like mines except if I make a 10 minute phone call the damn thing reads low battery. I'm so over this damn thing. I plan on getting my Blackberry when this damn contract is up in a couple months.


  3. 4gotten1 - I think you just proved my point, if I have one.

    Damnit - Let me be the 1st to welcome you to the darkside of unnecessary gadgets.

  4. I got caught up in the hype when I bought my new phone too. Fortunately for me I realized it was lust for technology (I have a male-like tendency towards gadgets, bells, whistles and speed) and I allowed my pocket change to dictate my purchase rather than my wide eyed wonder with all things PDA. I ended up with a green Rumor from sprint and it ended up being free because of my obvious charm ;). Anyway, I feel your post. I maxed out a $10,000.00 credit limit in Best Buy over the course of 5 months. My dad was not pleased. But hey sometimes the greatest pleasures in life come at lighten fast speed and the ability to get your e-mail, text, calls, games and music on one little nifty hand held device. That's heaven!

    Side note: Love the new format on the blog! I think it fits your personality.

  5. Those are all old blackberrys...you should get the curve or the bold. I have the curve in pale gold. I love it.

  6. love the new digs here, nice
    i have a reg cell phone
    but my toys on the real are my guns

  7. I only have a regular cellphone. now... miniature train sets and airplanes.... that's my weakness.

  8. Why do men love their toys (electronics per se)? Simply because it allows them to be in control and gives them a feeling of being in the new, you've seen it when it comes to cars, televisions, cellular phones and those damn games...xbox and so on.

    Well Mister it appears you have need for a Blackberry or at least the desire to try it out. I hear you about phones I have had more problems this year with new and older phones the service at one company is horrible and the other
    phone is forever shutting down due to low battery or excessive e-mail and text.

    Do enjoy your new toy!

  9. Ingrid - $10,000? I don't mean to be judgemental but you were seriously in need of a 12 step program. Although I probably would have done the same if I had access to my parents cards, because I easily reached the limits on mine. But then again that's why they call it credit.

    Thanks for the format mention. I'm not sure that I will keep it coz it's not working the way that I would want it to, but we'll see.

    Darius - Well that picture of the blackerrys was just something that I pulled off the web. I've seen the Curve and it really looks like a sexy piece of equipment, but for someone who just wants to make the occasional phone call, I can't justify getting it right now. I'm only getting the one that I ordered only to see how they work. Plus 6 months from now, they are only going to bring out a newer and better model that I would want as well.

    Torrance - You know I'm sure the feeling and desire for new toys and things is the same, but I have never in my life held a gun or even seen one outside of a holster. For me there would probably be a feeling of power that I would go beserk with. So for safety sake, I'll stick with the stuff I don't have to register.

    Dusty - I wish I could say that you are lucky, but I'm sure that can be very expensive and time consuming. I wonder if you also build those big expansive sets that you see others make for their collections.

    Chet - I think you've hit it. It's all about control. It's all about making things happen when I want them to happen just by pressing a button and making it so. Of being the master of my own universe. That is until I step outside the house or my space and I have to run by the rules and regulations of others.

  10. @ Curious, I didn't get 12 steps. I just got one, it consisted of a strong talking to and a pair of scissors. My dad still won't let me live it down. It was not my most stellar moment. I was able to get 3k knocked off of the bill with some quick talking.

    Ahh the beautiful toys I bought. The computers, the speakers, the TV's the movies the music, the software and cameras... Maybe your right. I should probably seek help.

  11. Ingrid - You know what, that's what being young is all about. If we can't make mistakes when we are young or younger, then when can we?


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