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Friday, July 25, 2008

Les Nubians

There has been talk about the series on being Black in America. A show hosted by Soledad O'Brien of CNN. I figured I could look at that and write some sort of comment. But since I've only seen about 20 minutes of the thing and I have no further intention of watching any more, I don't think that anything I would say would have any real validity. It would be like a report from Jason Blair when he worked for the New York Times. In case you've forgotten who is or was, he was the reporter who won prizes and awards for writing stories where they were not only untrue, but in many cases he didn't even investigate his stories in order to try to make them true. His stories were so good that he rose to a prominent position at the Times until they found out his articles were as valueless as yesterday's pot of piss. They let him and a couple of editors go because of it I believe.

Anyway, I'm not watching the show because it's fairly obvious that I am not the target audience. I already have a rough idea of what being black in America is. I may not know all aspects of it, like going to jail for selling or doing crack or having 6 kids by 4 different mothers and supporting none of them. But there is still time to learn all about that and I do know much of the other stuff. I know about being looked down on unless you assert yourself. Of always being suspect or a suspect. Of being always in the minority. I also know about the sense of belonging and family and pride of community and even being hurt at times for being part of it. No, this show is geared towards those people who don't see blacks unless they are at work with them, or they see them when they watch sports or Cops on TV. There is nothing about this show that I believe I don't know already and so it's not for me.

Instead, I wanted to write about music and how it affects us and makes us act in certain ways. I wanted to write of how it brings back memories and emotions that either welcome, or try to ignore. I wanted to but I think that would take a whole book to do it right and not just a 500 word blog post that I struggle to do time and time again. Maybe I will write something this weekend; but for now for your perusal, that is if you are interested, a memory from a few years ago. Les Nubians.


  1. I only watched the first part of this series. I'm gonna watch the second one this weekend.

    I was gonna post on it - but I don't think I really have any comments on it.

  2. Darius - If you are like me, then there is nothing to comment on because there is nothing that's new in the show that you are not aware of already. But none the less, if you do watch the 2nd part, then I hope you get something from it that is worthwhile.

  3. I watched the 1st part and it was s let down. Nothing that we didn't already know about some in our community. I'll watch the 2nd show just to be informed about what's being put out there. I don't expect any new revelations other than what mainstream media already wants the world to know aobut us.

  4. D - I'm going to show my age. About 20 years ago I remember Bill Moyers did the exact same show on PBS. There was nothing new then and there is nothing new now. If you are black then you already know what they are saying. If you are not black and don't know this stuff already, then you probably never will.

  5. I'm showing my age too cuz I think I remember that show. LOL


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